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Le Tour de France 2006 – Day 12: Postscript

Bonjour! Sorry I haven’t drawn a line under my sojourn at Le Tour de France 2006 sooner, but the last few days have been a tad hectic getting back into the groove.

Gert Steegmans - he's Robbie McEwen's lead-out man. He'll win a classic one day.

The 500 miles from Dover to Kirkcaldy were dire — but I knew that before I started the drive.

I was supposed to go home via London to do a piece for in the studio, but I couldn’t face the hassle, so my chance of fame will have to wait. It’s hard to live parallel lives.

On Le Tour the traveling is difficult, no doubt, but you have complete focus on the little bubble you are in.

All that really matters is pressing the ‘send’ button on the laptop once that copy is typed.

In the real world there are so many things to worry about — bills, family woes, work, getting the honde (that’s Flemish for dug) out of the kennel — but you know you definitely won’t bump-into Christophe Moreau at any stage in the day.

Carlos da Cruz - never puts his crash hat on till the last minute so it won't spoil his hair. You have to admire his commitment to posing.

Carlos da Cruz - never puts his crash hat on till the last minute so it won't spoil his hair. You have to admire his commitment to posing.

Still, it’s how I have chosen to live my life and I’ve forgotten what boredom is.

I think there are plenty of sources of information on Le Tour so you don’t need me to tell you about what you can see as well as I can on Eurosport.

I’m back on duty in Bonnie Scotland this weekend at the East Road Championships on Sunday.

Over the week and a half I was at Le Tour, I was in England, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium.

I can honestly say there is no place as green as our little corner of the globe, and East Lothian is especially beautiful.

Evan Oliphant and Ben Greenwood are riding at Saltoun so it won’t be an easy one, see you there and thanks for all the hits on the site.

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