Gavin Shirley (Nevis Cycles RT) made the trip to the Scottish Borders today, and went away with the win in the Edinburgh Road Club promotion, the Lothian Flyer Road Race, narrowly edging out two fast Vets, Chris Brown (Stirling BC) and Steve Nutley (Fife Cycling 2000).

– Reported by Ted Radford –

Gavin doesn't just compete in road races - here he is in the Relentless 24 hour MTB event.
Gavin doesn't just compete in road races - here he is in the Relentless 24 hour MTB event.


1 Gavin Shirley Nevis Cycles RT Sen
2 Chris Bown Stirling BC 1st Vet
3 Steve Nutley Fife Cycling 2000 Vet
4 Trevor Wilson Ayr Roads/Harry Fairbairn Sen
5 Adam Chmielowski The Bicycleworks Sen
6 Neil Crawford Dundee Thistle Sen
7 Small Richard Unattached Vet
8 Matthew Ball W Lothian Clarion Vet
9 Lindsay Gordon MusselburghCC 1st Jun
10 William Bowers Stirling BC J
11 Bill Wilkie ERC Vet
12 Andrew Wylie Unattached Sen
13 Paul French I Cycles Vet
14 James Meek Fife Cycling 2000 Vet
15 Dave Muir Fife Cycling 2000 Vet
16 Karl Mott The Bicycleworks Sen
17 Neil Baxter Tyne RC Vet
18 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads/Harry Fairbairn Vet
19 Keith Hood Ayr Roads/Harry Fairbairn Vet
20 Graham Veitch Kelso Wheelers Vet
21 Ramsay Muihead Joihnstone Wheelers Sen
22 Andrew Kilpatrick Fife Cycling 2000 Vet
23 Stephen McDowall W Lothian Clarion Vet
24 Barry Duncan ERC Vet
25 Barry Renwick Hawick CC Vet
26 David McIntyre Cairgorm CC ?
27 Kevin MacLean Unattached Vet
28 Colin McLellan City of Edinburgh RC Sen
29 Robert Bloor ERC Vet
30 Andy Douglas Pedal Power Vet
31 Iain McMullen Dooleys Cycles RT Vet
32 Tom Ward ERC Sen
33 Euan MacGregor ERC Sen
34 Graeme Lawrie Gala CC Vet
35 Robert.B Kelly Ayr Roads/Harry Fairbairn Sen
36 Bill Young W Lothian Clarion Vet
37 Michael Fong ERC Sen
38 Marek Jurasinski ERC Sen
39 Neil Adamson Glasgow Couriers Vet
40 Sandy Auston Loudon RC Sen
41 Chris Gilfillan MRCC Vet
42 Ross Strachan Loudon RC Sen
43 Gordon Jackson Vet
44 Mitchell Fraser ERC Sen
45 Ales Duchal Unattached Sen
46 David Arnott PCC Sen
47 Mark Leckie Unattached Vet
48 Michael Ewart W Lothian Clarion Sen
49 @ 1 lap Mark Paul W Lothian Clarion Vet
DNF Adam Pratt Border City Wheelers Sen
DNF Sadiq Mir W Lothian Clarion Sen
DNF Scott Bell ERC Vet
DNF Alasdair Watt Unattached Vet
DNF Tim Caine Auchencrow Thistle Vet
DNF Jamie McNaught Unattached Vet
DNF Lucy Caldwell W
DNS Adam Minshull ERC Sen
DNS Garry Hughes ERC Sen
DNS Mark Ainsworth Rock & Road Sen
DNS Scott McDiarmid Sandy Wallace Cycles Vet
DNS Gary Bell ERC Vet
DNS Jamie Keenan Ayr Roads/Harry Fairbairn Vet
DNS John McQuade Falkirk BC Vet
DNS Andrew G Ralston Perth United CC Vet
DNS John.A. Young ERC Vet