James Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) showed the rest of the field how to ride a hilly, chilly 20 mile time trial, this one around the picturesque Tour of the Meldons in the Scottish Borders.

The early starters also had horizontal sheets of rain to contend with, and together with the obligatory cattle grids and potholes, it was another hard lesson in winter under-preparing for many.

There were also one or two fallers on the technical descent down into Eddleston, but thankfully noone was seriously injured.

Jim hammers out another great time.

Tour of the Meldons – Result

1 00:54:36 James Cusick Glasgow Couriers – DB Developments Veteran Male 1st Male
2 00:55:24 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles Senior Male 2nd Male
3 00:55:25 Steve Nutley Fife Cycling 2000 Veteran Male 3rd Male
4 00:55:27 David Lines Endura Racing Senior Male 4th Male
5 00:55:46 Alan Thomson Glasgow Couriers Senior Male 5th Male
6 00:55:50 Gavin Shirley Nevis Cycles RT Senior Male
7 00:55:50 Barry McGurk Glasgow Couriers – DB Developments Senior Male
8 00:56:04 Ken Russell Edinburgh RC Veteran Male 1st Male Vet
9 00:57:06 Martin Williamson Peebles CC Veteran Male 2nd Male Vet
10 00:57:12 Gary Robson Peebles CC Veteran Male 3rd Male Vet
11 00:57:17 David Caesar Thebicycleworks.com Senior Male
12 00:57:48 Kenny Kentley Equipe Velo Ecosse Montpeliers
13 00:58:11 David Walker Kelso Wheelers CC Veteran Male
14 00:58:21 Grant Ferguson Dooleys Cycles RT Junior Male 1st Junior
15 00:59:12 Jamie Maxwell Edinburgh Uni CC Senior Male
16 00:59:29 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
17 00:59:43 Nik Gowrie Peebles CC Senior Male
18 00:59:51 andrew Rowat Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
19 00:59:54 Jonny May Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
20 01:00:15 Olivier Del Corto Edinburgh RC Senior Male
21 01:00:15 Euan Pope Glasgow Couriers – DB Developments Senior Male
22 01:00:27 Ian King Stirling Bike Club Veteran Male
23 01:00:31 Silas Goldsworthy Sandy Wallace Cycles Senior Male
24 01:00:31 Ian Pearson Gala CC Veteran Male
25 01:00:42 Alan Bremner Newhaven Harbour Tri Club Veteran Male
26 01:00:42 Christopher Adamson Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
27 01:00:43 Derek Timmins Musselburgh Roads CC Senior Male
28 01:00:57 John McDowall Edinburgh RC Senior Male
29 01:01:06 James Wilson-Young Edinburgh RC Senior Male
30 01:01:07 Geoffrey Martin Sandy Wallace Cycles Senior Male
31 01:01:10 Finlay Young Equipe Velo Ecosse/ montpelliers Junior Male
32 01:01:14 murray darling Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
33 01:01:21 Dave Moran Edinburgh RC Senior Male
34 01:01:23 Neil Taylor Edinburgh RC Senior Male
35 01:01:34 David Thomson Johnstone Wheelers CC Senior Male
36 01:01:34 Scott McDiarmid Sandy Wallace Cycles Veteran Male
37 01:02:15 Douglas Kirkham Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
38 01:02:17 John Anderson Glasgow Couriers – DB Developments Veteran Male
39 01:02:43 David Pritchard Kennoway Road Club Veteran Male
40 01:02:47 Graeme Lawrie Gala CC Veteran Male
41 01:02:55 Paul McInally Rock & Road Cycles Senior Male
42 01:03:10 Will Davenhill Pedal Power RT Veteran Male
43 01:03:15 Craig McCulloch Senior Male
44 01:03:23 Keith Morrison Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
45 01:03:46 Rich Semple East Kilbride RC Senior Male
46 01:04:01 Chris Godfree Edinburgh RC Senior Male
47 01:04:06 Greig Walker & Julie Dominguez (Tandem) Edinburgh RC Senior Male
48 01:04:25 Allan Duncan Veteran Male
49 01:05:48 Bill Wilkie Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
50 01:06:15 Peter Ward Edinburgh RC Senior Male
51 01:06:29 Martyn Davidson Edinburgh RC Senior Male
52 01:06:31 Steven Brennan mtb-marathon.co.uk Veteran Male
53 01:06:56 Andy Laing Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
54 01:07:00 Roderick Shaw Newhaven Harbour Tri Club Veteran Male
55 01:07:24 Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles Veteran Male
56 01:07:33 Gary Bell Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
57 01:07:54 Steven Rowcliffe Musselburgh Roads CC
58 01:07:55 John Johnstone Team Icarus Veteran Male
59 01:08:02 James Davidson GS Metro Senior Male
60 01:08:26 Jason Barnes Senior Male
61 01:09:00 Sarah Gleave Veteran Female 1st Female
62 01:09:09 Ross Green Stewartry Wheeler YouthA Male 1st Youth A
63 01:09:31 Anne Ewing Edinburgh RC Senior Female 2nd Female
64 01:09:35 John Hampshire Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
65 01:09:37 Stuart Balfour YouthB Male 1st Youth B
66 01:10:45 Bill Hamilton Gala Cycling Club Veteran Male
67 01:10:50 Tom Kiely Edinburgh RC Senior Male
68 01:11:48 Louise Haston City of Edinburgh Senior Female 3rd Female
69 01:11:48 Michelle Jeffrey Edinburgh RC Senior Female 3rd Female
70 01:12:00 Joanne Merritt Edinburgh RC Veteran Female 1st Fem Vet
71 01:12:45 Sandra Murdoch Edinburgh RC Veteran Female
72 01:13:25 John McComisky Veteran Male
73 01:14:01 Sean Noon Edinburgh RC YouthB Male
74 01:15:08 Jenny Stanning Edinburgh RC Senior Female
75 01:16:44 Rebecca Smith Edinburgh RC Senior Female
76 01:17:25 Gordon Moir Edinburgh RC Senior Male
77 01:18:59 Alistair Lawson Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
78 01:19:18 Maddy Robinson VCM Senior Female

Victoria Ware VC Moulin Senior Female
Jessica Wilson-Young Edinburgh RC Senior Female

Karl Mott Edinburgh RC Senior Male
Paul Newnham Team Leslie Bikeshop Senior Male
Diana Holt Edinburgh RC Senior Male
Martin Farrell Edinburgh RC Senior Male
Tom Lettice Edinburgh RC Senior Male
Colin Mackenzie Edinburgh RC Veteran Male
Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles Veteran Male
Stuart Moran Perth United CC Senior Male
Thomas Gordon Dooleys R.T. Veteran Male
Grant Thomson Unattached Senior Male
Christopher Isats Berwick Wheelers CC Senior Male
Iain McMullen Dooleys R.T. Veteran Male
Paul Anderson Musselburgh Roads CC Veteran Male
James Moore Peebles CC Veteran Male
Alistair Robinson Team Leslie Bikeshop Senior Male
Scott Macrae Team Leslie Bike Shop Senior Male
Ross Laidlaw Kelso Wheelers CC Senior Male
Harry Armstrong Berwick Wheelers CC Senior Male
Paul Rennie Dooleys R.T. Senior Male
Lindsay Gordon Musselburgh Roads CC Senior Male
Simon Clark GS Metro Veteran Male
Peter Cullen Stirling Bike Club Senior Male
Ian Wallace Edinburgh RC Senior Male