It’s a nice afternoon in Limburg for bike racing, the sun is out, there’s not a lot of wind and The Netherlands’ Olympic road race champion Marianne Vos has just bridged up to the break at the World Road Race Championships, so the crowd is happy.

Yes, yes, I’m watching another women’s race.

No report though, I’m just out of the press room. I had the report to write up and pictures to process for the U23 race from this morning.

It started at 09:00 am so I had to leave the camper at 07:30 to work the start area.

It was cold and grey as the 157 U23 riders lined up.

World Road Race Championships
Damp conditions as the Mens’ U23 race gets underway.

An early break went to seven minutes for the first half of the race, but once it came back it was apparent that it was going to be a bunch sprint.

World Road Race Championships
The sprint in full flow and Alexey Lutsenko (Kazakhstan) is in command.

But going back to Ms. Vos for a moment, she just lead the five girl break through with three minutes on the field. No-one can accuse her of not racing – but maybe she’s just too keen?

She has a team mate in there to share the pace, but there’s also an Italian, Elisa Longho Borghini; an American, Amber Neven and an Aussie, Rachel Neylan – none of whom is contributing much.

World Road Race Championships
The Dutch Team drill it on the front to make the break stick.

The circuit isn’t as selective as we all perhaps thought; the Cauberg is tough, for sure. But it’s superfast off the top all the way to the Bemelberg – well surfaced, downhill or flat and with only two 90 degree left handers before the climb.

From the top of the Cauberg to the Maastricht sign, where the parcours turns left, reminds us a lot of the stretch running into the last kilometre at last year’s Worlds in Copenhagen. Along the back of the circuit it’s not technical at all.

Really, what it needs tomorrow is for the weather to be grim – wind and rain – that would ensure a real selection, but since I’m walking the parcours, I’ll settle for sunshine.

World Road Race Championships
Our pal Wessel van Keuk is a pro photog for Cor Vos.
World Road Race Championships
Meanwhile, back up on the monitors, Vos’s team mate, Anna Van Der Breggen is doing a job for her boss, Vos (sorry).

There’s a new Queen of the Netherlands!‘ says the speaker as Marianne attacks hard, last time up the Cauberg and gets the gap. I’ve heard that she trains with the Rabobank men and in Sky Speak, ‘has all the right numbers.’

The circuit – as I say, whilst the Cauberg is a toughie, even if you get the gap on the last ascent, there’s still 1.7 K to hang on ’til the finish.

In these days when the difference between top riders is minimal, it’ll be very hard to stay clear ‘en seule.’ I think that Hugh Porter is right in saying that it’ll be a bigger group at the line than we perhaps imagine.

Marianne has just done the biz on the Cauberg, and is riding in solitary splendor along the home straight.

Marianne Vos celebrates.

It would be hard to criticise that race – or at least Ms. Vos.

The U23 wasn’t a great race, but it wasn’t dire, either.

The early break takes on the Bemelerberg.
The U23 peloton climb the Cauburg for the penultimate time.

Some of the young men in this race will be the best riders in the world, before too long.

Probably the best known former Espoir champion of the world is Ivan Basso.

But Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Francesco Chicchi, Gerald Ciolek and Peter Velits are all previous winners.

Last year’s winner Arnaud Demare is already making a name for himself in the pro ranks.

The U23 Podium: Bryan Coquard, Alexey Lutsenko and Tom Van Asbroeck.

GB may have dominated the junior ladies racing, whilst Emma Pooley was fourth in the ladies TT and showed in the ladies road race; but the U23 side hasn’t shone, this year.

The GB team didn’t really feature today.

Last year Andy Fenn took bronze off his AN Post programme.

But this year, because the team hasn’t ridden the required races and gathered the necessary points, GB only qualified three men for the Worlds.

No doubt ‘better U23 representation in the Worlds for 2013’ will be on a Sky check list, somewhere?

Alexey Lutsenko feels the Kazakhstan National Anthem.

And on the subject of tomorrow; favourites:

  • With the Belgian press Gilbert and Valverde are ‘top favourites’ on five stars; with Boonen, Gerrans, Sagan and Freire on four stars.
  • On three are Boasson Hagen, Rodriguez and Nibali; with Van Avermaet, Boom and Voeckler on two.
  • On one are Nordhaug, Degenkolb and Kolobnev.

If it was me, I’d have Voeckler and Kolobnev on four.

However, someone always comes out of the woodwork.

Whatever is going to happen, I’m looking forward to it.

ciao, ciao.

The Women’s Podium: Rachel Neylan (Australia), Marianne Vos (Netherlands) and Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy).


Results - The World Road Championships 2012 - Mens' U23 & Womens' Road Races

U23 Mens' Road Race Result

1 Alexey Lutsenko (Kazakhstan) 4:20:15
2 Bryan Coquard (France)
3 Tom Van Asbroeck (Belgium)
4 Hugo Houle (Canada)
5 Luka Pibernik (Slovenia)
6 Jhoan Esteban Chaves Rubio (Colombia)
7 Hernando Bohorquez Sanchez (Colombia)
8 Kenneth Van Bilsen (Belgium)
9 Wouter Wippert (Netherlands)
10 Sam Bennett (Ireland)
11 Patrick Konrad (Austria)
12 Jan Polanc (Slovenia)
13 Soufiane Haddi (Morocco)
14 Moreno Hofland (Netherlands)
15 Haavard Blikra (Norway)
16 Sergei Pomoshnikov (Russian Federation)
17 Silvan Dillier (Switzerland)
18 Lawrence Kalil Warbasse (United States of America)
19 Jay McCarthy (Australia)
20 Michael Valgren Andersen (Denmark)
21 Sven Erik Bystrøm (Norway)
22 Sebastian Lander (Denmark)
23 Janis Dakteris (Latvia)
24 Tobias Ludvigsson (Sweden)
25 Michel Koch (Germany)
26 Sean Patrick Downey (Ireland)
27 Arman Kamyshev (Kazakhstan)
28 Ilia Koshevoy (Belarus)
29 Nikias Arndt (Germany)
30 Juan Ernesto Chamorro (Colombia)
31 Kristian Haugaard Jensen (Denmark)
32 Philip Lavery (Ireland)
33 Karel Hnik (Czech Republic)
34 Kirill Yatsevich (Russian Federation)
35 Natnael Brhane Teweldemedhin (Eritrea)
36 Rick Zabel (Germany)
37 Joshua Atkins (New Zealand)
38 Gijs Van Hoecke (Belgium)
39 Fabio Felline (Italy)
40 James Oram (New Zealand)
41 Vegard Breen (Norway)
42 Pit Schlechter (Luxembourg)
43 Nathan Davis Brown (United States of America)
44 Tim Mikelj (Slovenia)
45 Jan Hirt (Czech Republic)
46 Alex Kirsch (Luxembourg)
47 Carlos Verona Quintanilla (Spain)
48 Pawel Poljanski (Poland)
49 Gavin Mannion (United States of America)
50 Joshua Edmondson (Great Britain)
51 Jasper Stuyven (Belgium)
52 Warren Barguil (France)
53 Georg Preidler (Austria) 0:00:09
54 Tom Skujins (Latvia) 0:00:15
55 Tom Thill (Luxembourg) 0:00:25
56 Oleksandr Prevar (Ukraine)
57 Eiichi Hirai (Japan)
58 Sergei Chernetski (Russian Federation)
59 Andrei Holubeu (Belarus)
60 Reda Aadel (Morocco)
61 Piotr Gawronski (Poland)
62 Magnus Cort Nielsen (Denmark)
63 Marcel Aregger (Switzerland)
64 Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan)
65 Lukasz Wisniowski (Poland)
66 Josef Cerny (Czech Republic)
67 Louis Meintjes (South Africa)
68 Andris Smirnovs (Latvia)
69 King Lok Cheung (Hong Kong, China)
70 Gennady Tatarinov (Russian Federation)
71 Sebastian Anaya (Venezuela)
72 Sebastian Henao Gomez (Colombia)
73 Pawel Bernas (Poland)
74 Davide Villella (Italy)
75 Daan Olivier (Netherlands)
76 Nikola Kozomara (Serbia) 0:00:31
77 Antoine Duchesne (Canada)
78 Anasse Ait El Abdia (Morocco)
79 Adam Phelan (Australia)
80 Lukas Postlberger (Austria)
81 Anton Vorobyev (Russian Federation)
82 Maxime Daniel (France)
83 Vladislav Gorbunov (Kazakhstan)
84 Emanuel Buchmann (Germany)
85 Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands)
86 Jan Sokol (Austria)
87 Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay (Ethiopia)
88 Jakub Filip (Czech Republic)
89 Eduardo Sepulveda (Argentina)
90 Danny Van Poppel (Netherlands)
91 Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski (United States of America)
92 Nikita Umerbekov (Kazakhstan)
93 Damien Howson (Australia)
94 Klemen Stimulak (Slovenia)
95 Mark Dzamastagic (Slovenia)
96 Enrico Barbin (Italy)
97 Scott Thwaites (Great Britain)
98 Jasha Sütterlin (Germany) 0:01:14
99 Anatoliy Sosnitskiy (Ukraine) 0:01:35
100 Théo Vimpere (France) 0:01:43
101 Angelo Tulik (France)
102 Bob Jungels (Luxembourg) 0:02:24
103 Andrea Fedi (Italy) 0:02:48
104 Francesco Manuel Bongiorno (Italy)
105 Thomas Scully (New Zealand) 0:03:18
106 Mattia Cattaneo (Italy)
107 Jhonatha Salinas (Venezuela)
108 Simon Yates (Great Britain) 0:03:34
109 Salaheddine Mraouni (Morocco) 0:04:08
110 Asbjørn Kragh Andersen (Denmark) 0:06:29
111 Maxat Ayazbayev (Kazakhstan) 0:07:16
112 Kim Magnusson (Sweden)
113 Ali Riza Tanriverdi (Turkey) 0:09:38
114 Dieter Bouvry (Belgium) 0:10:09
115 Nikita Zharoven (Belarus) 0:10:18
116 August Jensen (Norway) 0:13:00
HD Adel Barbari (Algeria)
HD Olivier Le Gac (France)
HD Panagiotis Chatzakis (Greece)
HD Tomohiro Kinoshita (Japan)
HD Takero Terasaki (Japan)
HD Mieszko Bulik (Poland)
HD Mats Andersson (Sweden)
HD Fernando Briceño (Venezuela)

DNF Gabriel Chavanne (Switzerland)
DNF Zico Waeytens (Belgium)
DNF Jack Wilson (Ireland)
DNF Yonder Godoy (Venezuela)
DNF Muhammad Zulhilmie Afif Ahmad Zamri (Malaysia)
DNF Ian Boswell (United States of America)
DNF Nick Aitken (Australia)
DNF Jan Tratnik (Slovenia)
DNF Rohan Dennis (Australia)
DNF Michael Freiberg (Australia)
DNF Manuel Andres Sanchez Cuevas (Dominican Republic)
DNF Andreas Hofer (Austria)
DNF Jorge Abreu (Venezuela)
DNF Siarhei Safonau (Belarus)
DNF Hillard Cijntje (Netherlands Antilles)
DNF Faycal Hamza (Algeria)
DNF Omar Muhammad Faiz Izzuddin (Malaysia)
DNF Nik Mohd Azwan Zulkifle (Malaysia)
DNF Ki Ho Choi (Hong Kong, China)
DNF Hiroshi Tsubaki (Japan)
DNF Quinten Winkel (Netherlands Antilles)
DNF David Boily (Canada)
DNF Filip Eidsheim (Norway)
DNF Jonas Ahlstrand (Sweden)
DNF Andzs Flaksis (Latvia)
DNF Ulises Alfredo Castillo Soto (Mexico)
DNF Sofian Nabil Mohammed Bakri (Malaysia)
DNF Hamidun Hamdan (Malaysia)
DNF Jesper Dahlström (Sweden)
DNF Oleksandr Golovash (Ukraine)
DNF Carlos Eduardo Quisphe-Quisphe (Ecuador)
DNF Armands Becis (Latvia)
DNF Bryan Van Rutten (Netherlands Antilles)

Elite Womens' Road Race Result

1 Marianne Vos (Netherlands) 3:14:29
2 Rachel Neylan (Australia) 0:00:10
3 Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy) 0:00:18
4 Amber Neben (United States of America) 0:00:33
5 Anna Van Der Breggen (Netherlands) 0:00:55
6 Rossella Ratto (Italy) 0:03:40
7 Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) 0:04:37
8 Judith Arndt (Germany)
9 Emma Johansson (Sweden)
10 Paulina Brzezna-Bentkowska (Poland)
11 Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands)
12 Ashleigh Moolman (South Africa)
13 Joelle Numainville (Canada)
14 Alena Amialiusik (Belarus)
15 Emma Pooley (Great Britain)
16 Evelyn Stevens (United States of America)
17 Jessie Daams (Belgium)
18 Liesbet De Vocht (Belgium)
19 Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany) 0:04:49
20 Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)
21 Leah Kirchmann (Canada)
22 Inga Cilvinaite (Lithuania)
23 Ceclie Gotaas Johnsen (Norway)
24 Oxana Kozonchuk (Russian Federation)
25 Yevgeniya Vysotska (Ukraine)
26 Ivanna Borovichenko (Ukraine)
27 Larisa Pankova (Russian Federation)
28 Anna Sanchis Chafer (Spain)
29 Carmen Small (United States of America)
30 Karol-Ann Canuel (Canada)
31 Tiffany Cromwell (Australia) 0:04:52
32 Tatiana Antoshina (Russian Federation) 0:04:54
33 Megan Guarnier (United States of America)
34 Charlotte Becker (Germany)
35 Eneritz Iturriagaechevarria Mazaga (Spain) 0:04:58
36 Clemilda Fernandes Silva (Brazil)
37 Edwige Pitel (France)
38 Elena Cecchini (Italy)
39 Sharon Laws (Great Britain)
40 Sofie De Vuyst (Belgium)
41 Kelly Druyts (Belgium)
42 Martina Ruzickova (Czech Republic)
43 Annelies Van Doorslaer (Belgium)
44 Kristin McGrath (United States of America)
45 Claudia Hausler (Germany)
46 Aleksandra Burchenkova (Russian Federation)
47 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) 0:05:03
48 Lucinda Brand (Netherlands)
49 Olena Sharga (Ukraine)
50 Cherise Taylor (South Africa)
51 Lise Nostvold (Norway)
52 Malgorzta Jasinska (Poland)
53 Shara Gillow (Australia)
54 Ane Santesteban Gonzalez (Spain)
55 Amelie Rivat (France)
56 Katazina Sosna (Lithuania)
57 Trixi Worrack (Germany)
58 Andrea Dvorak (United States of America)
59 Olivia Dillon (Ireland) 0:05:39
60 Nicole Cooke (Great Britain)
61 Petra Zrimsek (Slovenia)
62 Jennifer Hohl (Switzerland)
63 Edita Janeliunaite (Lithuania)
64 Francesca Cauz (Italy)
65 Claudia Veronica Leal Balderas (Mexico)
66 Nikki Harris (Great Britain)
67 Veronique Labonte (Canada)
68 Amanda Spratt (Australia)
69 Adrie Visser (Netherlands) 0:05:41
70 Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Germany)
71 Jessie MacLean (Australia) 0:06:04
72 Gracie Elvin (Australia)
73 Marta Tagliaferro (Italy)
74 Noemi Cantele (Italy)
75 Hanna Nilsson (Sweden)
76 Evelyn Arys (Belgium)
77 Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
78 Sandrine Bideau (France) 0:06:22
79 Tatiana Guderzo (Italy) 0:07:01
80 Lilibeth Chacon Garcia (Venezuela) 0:08:24
HD Lex Albrecht (Canada)
HD Miriam Bjørnsrud (Norway)

DNF Romy Kasper (Germany)
DNF Loren Rowney (Australia)
DNF Siobhan Horgan (Ireland)
DNF Aleksandra Sosenko (Lithuania)
DNF Serika Guluma Ortiz (Colombia)
DNF Doris Schweizer (Switzerland)
DNF Daniela Pintarelli (Austria)
DNF Lise Olivier (South Africa)
DNF Alexandra Chekina (Russian Federation)
DNF Martina Ritter (Austria)
DNF Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan)
DNF Maria Briceno (Venezuela)
DNF Rimma Luchshenko (Kazakhstan)
DNF Audrey Cordon (France)
DNF Sara Mustonen (Sweden)
DNF Jessica Kihlbom (Sweden)
DNF Patricia Schwager (Switzerland)
DNF Sophie Creux (France)
DNF Joanna Van De Winkel (South Africa)
DNF Katie Colclough (Great Britain)
DNF Shelley Olds (United States of America)
DNF Emilia Fahlin (Sweden)
DNF Ellen Van Dijk (Netherlands)
DNF Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands)
DNF Emily Collins (New Zealand)
DNF Eugenia Bujak (Poland)
DNF Olena Pavlukhina (Ukraine)
DNF Anna Nahirna (Ukraine)
DNF Semra Yetis (Turkey)
DNF Rotem Gafinovitz (Israel)
DNF Mia Radotic (Croatia)
DNF Mayra Del Rocio Rocha (Mexico)
DNF Kathryn Bertine (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
DNF Kaat Hannes (Belgium)
DNF Robyn De Groot (South Africa)
DNF An-Li Pretorius (South Africa)
DNF Sari Saarelainen (Finland)
DNF Polona Batagelj (Slovenia)
DNF Roberta Monaldini (San Marino)
DNF Isabelle Soderberg (Sweden)
DNF Lenore Pipes (Guam)
DNF Julia Martisova (Russian Federation)
DNF Andrea Graus (Austria)
DNF Yennifer Cesar (Venezuela)
DNF Emma Crum (New Zealand)
DNF Kate Chilcott (New Zealand)
DNF Martina Sablikova (Czech Republic)
DNF Agne Silinyte (Lithuania)
DNF Ursa Pintar (Slovenia)
DNF Pavlina Sulcova (Czech Republic)


Marianne Vos enjoys her special moment.
…as does Alexey Lutsenko.