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The VV View: Just what is the UCI Constitution meant to be about?(0)

February 17, 2011 • by Ed Hood

The VV View: The UCI constitution is a little bit of a scary document, running to 23 pages with 87 articles, some of which have up to seven sections.

We thought we might pick out a few quotes; it’s ‘a non-profit-making organisation’ and should ‘encourage friendship between all members of the cycling world’ as well as ‘promote sportsmanship and fair play’ and there should be ‘non-interference in the internal affairs of affiliated federations.’

Just so we remember what the organisation is meant to be all about.

Off to the Berlin Six Day – But First, a Few Thoughts(3)

February 2, 2011 • by Ed Hood

I’ll be glad to get to Berlin, and enter my six day bubble – these last couple of weeks have affected me badly.

I love the sport, all of it fascinates me, road, track, cyclo-cross; I’d get into mountain biking but I have to stop the reading, interviewing and writing, somewhere. Lance, Floyd, Alberto, Trent, Matt – and now, Graeme.

I have to get it all off my chest before I descend into the bowels of the earth in Berlin…

The VV View: Smugness Or Sadness?(3)

January 25, 2011 • by Ed Hood

I’ve known John for 43 years; we went to school together and although there have been spells when our lives have gone in different directions for a while, it takes us about three minutes to pick up the thread and it’s as if we’ve never been out of touch.

John has lung cancer, one tumour in his lungs and three in his brain; he starts chemo and radio therapy, this week. When his son asked me what I thought, immediately I said; ‘look at old Lance, he was at death’s door and came back to win seven Tours.’

Then I got to thinking; if the finest legal minds that Tour Down Under and Giro d’Italia start money can buy are unsuccessful and the ‘Federal probe’ nails the Texan, what will that have achieved?

The VV View: When Men Were Men(2)

December 11, 2010 • by Ed Hood

It’s too long since I had a rant; I’d like to thank Mario Cipollini for providing the spark for this one.

I meet my pal Ivan on a weekly basis for a 07:45 coffee at a secret location. The theme of this morning’s rant-fest was what would happen if Rik Van Looy met the Schlecks?

We reckoned that ‘The Emperor’ would just need to look at Andy before the start and the ‘Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project’ (great name for a team) rider would run off home to Luxembourg and his Teddy bear…

The VV View: Cervélo , Contracts and Consumerism(0)

August 29, 2010 • by Ed Hood

It’s not until you go to a big Fondo, Marca or Sportiv that you’re able to figure out how the likes of Cervélo can sponsor a pro team.

On the start line you’ll see hundreds of Looks, Colnagos, Treks and-Cervélos; all sold at full price.

But how much money can you make on a bike frame?

The VV View: The UCI Should Stop Messing with Nature(3)

August 20, 2010 • by Ed Hood

‘With the current system we’re shafted’ says BC coach Rod Ellingworth regarding the fact that the world’s best roadman sprinter will have a whole two team mates in Melbourne.

The GB and Sky ‘spin machine’ continually tell us how strong British Cycling is; but when it comes down to it, we’re actually joint 22nd in terms of numbers of riders we’re eligible to send to the Elite Worlds. This puts us on par with great cycling nations such as Korea and Brazil.

The VV View: How a Positive Could be Buried(6)

August 19, 2010 • by Martin Williamson

We’ve all been hearing recently about the riders who showed questionable figures in their Biological Passports but who have escaped any sanctions so far, whilst certain others have been lambasted, suspended, and are facing the possibility of – or are currently serving – lengthy bans. Last year the word was that a number of very big names in the sport were in the same boat, and may have been asked by officials to ‘lay low’ for a while until their numbers returned to more normal values, or until the heat died down. And now, thanks to Landis, we are presented with the allegation that Armstrong paid the UCI to bury a positive test result from the Tour de Suisse – but how is that possible?

Track World Championships 2010 – or Training Session?(4)

March 27, 2010 • by Ed Hood

The women’s 500 metre time trial was the first race I caught sight of on the TV – it’s hard to get excited about it.

But the Ballerup track was looking great, freshly sanded and with new advertising – what you don’t realise until you look at the down tube of a bike that has just finished in a Derny race is the amount of soot and oil that the little motorbikes pump out – the joiners have buffed all that off, though.

Sol y sombra(0)

March 21, 2010 • by Ed Hood

‘Sol y sombra’ say the Spanish, ‘sunshine and shade.’

The ‘sunshine’ was the Primavera; a race I’ve been obsessed with ever since I was a young Merckx fan, waiting for my ‘Comic’ on a 70’s Friday – Thursday if I was very lucky.

The ‘sombra’ was Gregor’s dad’s funeral; although maybe it wasn’t ‘shade,’ as Bill Brockie, the former minister and CTC stalwart who managed proceedings so well, explained to us; ‘this is a celebration.’ I didn’t know Gregor’s dad well, but judging by the turn out at the Mortonhall and the anecdotes that were related about him, he was a cool dude.

Skil Shimano Team Launch(0)

January 22, 2010 • by Martin Williamson

Rotterdam is readying itself for the Tour de France start this summer, and the Skil – Shimano team used it’s 2010 presentation last weekend in the city to recce the route which will be used for Stage 1.

The team is largely the same as last season, but has been bolstered by the addition of six riders; Dutchmen Job Vissers and Robin Chaigneau, Frenchmen Alexandre Geniez and Yann Huguet, Belgian Dominique Cornu, and Norwegian Frederik Wilmann.

The VV View: Team Sky’s ‘Marginal Gains’ – Worthwhile, or Simply Hype?(1)

January 19, 2010 • by Ed Hood

It’s great to see cycling breaking main stream – a double page colour spread in the Times.

It’s almost as if the guy that bank rolls the team, owns the newspaper.

He does? Oh!

We’re treated to nine examples of marginal gains…

Tom Zirbel: What a Waste of a Great Career(3)

December 30, 2009 • by Ed Hood

Fourth in the Worlds Elite TT, second only to Zabriskie in the US TT champs and with a Garmin contract neatly signed.

But scratch all of the above and file under, “Another one bites the dust!” albeit the ‘B’ sample might just be ‘clean.’

We asked Paul Coats, who’s a lecturer at Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences, for an expert view.

The VV View: What are the Odds? Team Sky, Brad and Dave Millar(1)

December 28, 2009 • by Ed Hood

I hope you all had a good Xmas; Viktor didn’t – but that shouldn’t surprise us.

He did make a good point though – namely that Sky are well behind with their training camps; all of the big squadra have had one, if not two camps already.

From a fitness and bonding point of view the digital vision guys are behind the eight ball already; it’ll be interesting to see if that makes a difference come flag dropping time.

The VV View: It’s Easy to Join ‘the Black List’(2)

December 14, 2009 • by Ed Hood

It’s been a good week if you read the Guardian’s cycling coverage and like a rant.

‘I’m better than Armstrong now,’ says Wiggins – reads the headline; of all the bike riders in the world that one should not make that statement about, Lance Armstrong is the absolute top of the list.

How NOT to Win Friends(4)

December 4, 2009 • by Ed Hood

Ben Swift-top guy, affable, always happy to chat, looks the business and has a great career ahead of him.

But-I don’t like what’s happening with this Sky business. I might be wrong – and am probably writing my own obituary here, as far as Sky interviews goes – but it smacks to me of; ‘we can’t get Brad, so we have to get some one else who can win a bit and who’s English!’

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