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The VV View – Ain’t no Smoke Without Fire? (0)

August 28, 2014 • by Ed Hood • in Nuggets

The splendidly named ‘Bugatti and Musker’ released a disco classic in 1976; ‘Ain’t no Smoke Without Fire,’ it’s about a guy who’s worrying that his girl is straying. ‘Please don’t do nothin’ to make me ashamed of you . . . when I heard the news it broke me in two…

But it could just as well have been written about cycling’s problems. If you love the sport, really love it – not just the ‘Glam Gigs’ as Viktor would call the Grand Tours and Flanders Classics then the doping sagas break your heart.

Or maybe I’m a sad old fool?

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke – “Ifs and Buts Don’t Win Races” (1)

October 4, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

It’s no surprise that Endura Racing’s ‘man of the year’ Jonathan Tiernan-Locke has today signed for Team Sky.

Anyone who thought that Englishman’s top six GC placing and King of the Mountains win back in the 2011 Tour of Britain was a freak result had their eyes opened this spring when the 27 year-old from Plymouth won the first stage, fourth stage and GC in this season’s Tour of the Mediterranean – a race dating back to 1974 and which boasts Eddy Merckx as one of its winners.

Jack Bauer – He’s Why We Love This Sport! (1)

June 4, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

It was a Saturday night in the summer of 2009 and I was driving ‘up the Town’ to the movies.

I pulled the car over, answered the mobile and had my first chat with the man.

VeloVeritas’s pundit in residence Viktor had spotted this New Zealand laddie who was burning up the Flanders kermis scene in the colours of Anglo/Belgian team, Kingsnorth Wheelers – Jack Bauer.

Star of the Future: Jonathan Tiernan-Locke – “I think I’ve shown I’m tactically aware” (0)

February 25, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

VeloVeritas recently took time to talk to the man from Devon who is setting the early season roads of Southern France aflame – Endura’s Jonathan Tiernan-Locke.

We spoke to him soon after took his fourth and fifth wins of the season-the second stage and the GC in the tough Tour Cycliste International Haut Var.

James Moss Starts His New Blog (1)

February 8, 2012 • by Martin Williamson • in Node 4 Pro James Moss' Blog

For those of you who don’t know me – and I imagine that is most of you – my name is James Moss and I am about to begin my third season as a full time professional.

After two enjoyable seasons riding for Endura Racing, I am pleased to say that this year I will be pinning numbers onto the jersey of a new team, Node 4 – Giordana Pro Cycling.

Erick Rowsell – On To Something Completely New (0)

January 28, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Erick Rowsell is a name which seems to have been around for a long time; maybe because he was winning British medals five years ago-in 2007 he took bronze in the junior road race and individual pursuit as well as gold in the junior time trial.

The following season saw him with strong placings in continental road events; win the junior Tour of Wales and the British junior road race championship – whilst on the track he took two junior European silver medals, in the individual and team pursuit.

Star of the Future: James Moss – “I’m Much Further On” (1)

January 3, 2011 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

In the autumn of 2009 James Moss was still a surveyor and a ‘weekend warrior’ on the bike-within weeks he was a full time pro with Scotland’s Endura team, duelling with the Pro Tour squads in the Tour of the Mediterranean and Tour of Murcia.

We thought we’d catch up for a ‘Xmas end of term report` on his first Pro season with the 25 year-old from Newcastle.

Jack Bauer – Aiming for the Commonwealth Games (0)

April 8, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Tour Doon Hame final stage winner, Endura’s New Zealand National Elite Road Champion, Jack Bauer took time, just a few hours after his win, to tell VeloVeritas how it was done.

Alexandre Blain – “By the summer, I’ll be used to Scots!” (2)

March 24, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

When Cofidis slid from Pro Tour to Pro Continental, they shed a few riders; it looked like it was the end of his pro career for Alex Blain.

Enter Brian Smith and Endura – followed by some strong performances from the man from the South.

He spoke exclusively to VeloVeritas after his excellent ride in the Tour of Murcia.

Evan Oliphant – “We took more out of Murcia than Team Sky” (0)

March 12, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Our man in the peloton – Endura’s Evan Oliphant – took us through the rigours of The Med and Haut Var.

Murcia may have been no cake walk but it had a happy ending for Endura – taking the sprints jersey and numerous top ten finishes.

Here’s what Wick’s finest had to say…

Endura; the View From the Top (1)

March 5, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

“Goodie bag!” I’m not used to “freebies;” by the time Dave or Martin and I stumble into the press room, all the goodies have gone – but we have the best sun tans.

However, when Jim McFarlane mentioned “goodie bag” I was out to Livingston like a ferret.

It seemed like a shame to waste a trip to Endura and not interview the main man. The timing was perfect, Jim was just back from seeing his boys in action at Haut Var.

Star of the Future: Ross Creber – Looking forward to Murcia (0)

February 28, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Two years ago, Ross Creber was a mountain biker, last year he won the Scottish road race championship.

And this year he’s part of Endura Racing’s continental adventure; he rode the savage Tour of the Mediterranean, sat out Haut Var but will back behind the oars, ankle chains and all, for the Tour of Murcia.

However, when we spoke to him, he was just back from a three hour coffee run from Nice to Monaco and back – beats the snow, ice, cross winds and F des J stamping on the 53 x 11’s.

Evan Oliphant’s Haut Var (1)

February 23, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Down in the South of France it was AG2R and F des J reminding us that the French teams work hard in the winter, too.

Long term 2009 Tour yellow jersey wearer, Rinaldo Nocentini took stage one and the man with the lucky four leaf clovers on his tricot, Christophe Le Mevel took stage two and the GC.

Endura could have done with some of the luck from those F des J clovers; Evan Oliphant was there to witness the punctures and crashes that blighted the second race of the Scottish team’s continental adventure.

Evan Oliphant’s Tour of the Med, Part Two (0)

February 16, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

Stages one and two were a whirlwind of snow, wind, attacks from the gun, echelons and pain – but the inner chain rings enjoyed the rest!

Were days three, four and five any easier?

VeloVeritas’ man in the peloton, Endura Racing’s Evan Oliphant was there ’til the bitter end.

Evan Oliphant’s Tour of the Med, Part One (0)

February 11, 2010 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews

The Tour of the Mediterranean; a nice way to ease into the season; a big bunch floating along under early sunshine with a bunch sprint at the end? Not quite!

How about 95 K in 1:45 with the peloton ripped apart from the gun and conditions so cold that the contents of your bottle are frozen solid in five minutes?

Endura Racing’s Evan Oliphant is no stranger to hard races; he rode with DFL in Belgium – when he says it’s ‘tough,’ you best believe it! We caught up with him after a frozen second stage…

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