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Charline Joiner – Pushing Past the Pain Barrier (Comments Off)

February 19, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Interviews, Six Days

VeloVeritas spoke recently to Commonwealth Games Team Sprint Silver Medallist Charline Joiner after her ride at the Rotterdam Six Day.

Inbetween Days, Rotterdam to Bremen (Comments Off)

January 11, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

It’s an easy life on the sixes; we bailed out of the truck stop at around 10:00 then drove for four hours to Bremen airport to collect 32 year old American rider Bradley Huff – he’s one of our riders for Bremen.

But Brad had been and gone – and his mobile is shot, making communication impossible.

But somehow he made it to the stadium.

Rotterdam Six Day – John’s Photo Album (0)

January 11, 2012 • by Martin Williamson • in Stories

Our friend John Young, of Fietsenphotography, worked at the Rotterdam Six Day this year, and sent us a bunch of photos.

We thought you’d like them!

Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Six (Comments Off)

January 10, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

Schep/Stroetinga win, Franco and Mouris second, Stam/Havik third – a result which everyone is pretty happy with.

The Dutch winners are the classic Six Day combo – big, strong, mature, silky smooth Schep and the younger, smaller, more erratic but rapid Stroetinga.

Franco was good – very good, and Mouris is one big, strong, consistent ‘beast of a boy’.

Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Five (3)

January 9, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

Dernys, you love them or you hate them, they’re a big part of the Sixes; and always with a capital ‘D’-Roger Derny et Fils first manufactured them in Paris, in 1938.

There’s some real Derny history on the boards here-the tall, slim, grey haired man who chases the riders up to their events is Bruno Walrave.

Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Four (Comments Off)

January 8, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

Like it says on the report cards; ‘could do better!’

We’re referring of course to ‘our Alex’s’ time keeping – he missed the rolling presentation on Sunday.

It’s not a huge deal because at the time he had no partner, poor Stöpler having crashed out.

Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Three (Comments Off)

January 7, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

The ‘Devil’ had just started when I wandered down the stairs in search of bottles of water (still – no gas), and by the time I got back what should have been ‘just another race’ had become another of those episodes which remind you that as well as being glamorous, the sport is also a very dangerous one.

Rotterdam Six Day 2012 – Day Two (Comments Off)

January 6, 2012 • by Ed Hood • in Diaries, Six Days

It’s not a proper six unless it’s a marathon to get there – and really you should arrive in a different country.

My journey to the Rotterdam Six Day meant a super-early start, Transit van to West Craigs, cab to Edinburgh airport, plane to Amsterdam, train to Rotterdam, Metro to the Ahoy Stadium – then walk across the road.

I arrived in the same country though, so it’s not really a proper trip.

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