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World Road Championships 2006 – Day 1: Getting there


It was a 04.00 alarm job to get ready to leave at 06.00 and I hadn’t had time to pack the night before. I’m off to the World Road Championships 2006. It’s always the same driving to Prestwick — you think you are making great time until you get to Stepps and the vast car park that is the M8 during the rush-hour.

Check-in at Prestwick wasn’t too bad but the Colgate had to go — I wouldn’t mind but it drives me crazy not knowing how to convert it into an explosive device.

I had a long wait at Stansted for my connection to Salzburg but had committed to writing a preview of the elite time trial. I thought I would have nothing better to do than grab one of those trendy ‘buy time’ computer stations, but at a quid per ten minutes I thought better of it.