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Scottish Hill Climb Championship 2006


Jason MacIntyre made it a neat half dozen Scottish individual titles for 2006 with a 16 second winning margin over fast-improving Irishman, Raymond Wilson (Dunfermline CC) in the Scottish Hill Climb Championship on the Bonnyton Moor climb near Eaglesham on Saturday afternoon.

Scottish Hill Climb Championship 2006
Jason says careful and focused preparation is the key.

West of Scotland Hill Climb Champion, Teessider Chris Smart (Glasgow Couriers) made it the proverbial Scotsman, Englishman and Irishman on the podium to take bronze.

MacIntyre also led his team to the title with Scottish 100 mile record holder and former anti-gravity champion, Mark Atkinson in fourth place, backed by first time medalist, Silas Goldsworthy in seventh place.

It was pleasantly mild as the first rider, youth Gregor Robertson, revved off towards the skyline. Six youths started with Tom Dempster (Ayr Roads) least affected by Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery.

It was not a course for the hill climb specialists or a fixed wheel; indeed winner MacIntyre clocked 24 mph at one point on the lower, rolling, less-demanding part of the course.

With first seeded rider, number 10 Arthur Doyle (Ivy CC), choosing to photograph the event rather than ride it, Steven Blom (Glasgow Couriers) off number 20 and a possible winning team counter if Jason’s teammates slipped-up, was first of the seeds. He won the “loudest wheezing of the day” award but had to settle for ninth in the championship. Stevie’s team mate, Jim Cusick was his usual consistent self, taking an eventual sixth.

Four minutes behind Cusick was Eddie Cowle (Stirling Bike Club), looking good – this confirmed by an eventual fifth place.

Wilson ’s high-cadence technique made him fastest so far at number 37 but it was disappointing not to see Scottish Kilometer Champion Bruce Croall (City of Edinburgh) or tester-supreme, Carlos Riise (Shetland Wheelers) take the start.

Two of the three medals came from the last four riders on the sheet. Smart’s time (he has the raw-boned look of a good climber) was second only to Wilson’s. Stuart McGregor (C21) was next but eventual tenth was all he would get for all that pain. Penultimate starter and the only man on a low-pro, was the tester’s tester – Mark Atkinson. By my watch there was very little between him and Smart, but the Couriers rider’s game plan of a steady start and big finish paid dividends.

MacIntyre was impressive, on the bottom of the bars, where he stayed for virtually the whole ride – there was little doubt where the gold was going.

What they said


“It’s my second hill climb title; I won it few years ago on Sheriffmuir. I’m just happy that the season is over; it’s hard to keep your motivation going at this stage of the season. People think that I can just turn-up and win, but that’s a long way from the truth, you have to train and prepare professionally to win any race.

“I had to drive three and a half hours this morning to race for three and a half minutes, so it’s not straightforward or easy. I’m looking forward to a little rest then building-up for next season. I would really like to do well at Girvan and in the British 10 championship. I think the Scottish 10 record is achievable too (19.29, Graeme Obree). I did a 19.49 this year so I definitely think it’s possible.”


“It was a good event but I must confess to looking forward to the season being finished. I took the bronze in the hill climb last year so I’m well pleased with silver today. I didn’t do any specific training for it – the Trossachs was the last event I peaked for. In a short race like this I think you can just turn-up and get through it on positive attitude and aggression – it’s only four minutes of pain after all.

“I’m going to have a little time off then start my build-up for next season in November. I’m looking forward to Girvan in the spring; I was terrified by the prospect this season but I think It’s too long since Scottish riders have done well there.” (And there was me thinking he was Irish!).”


“It’s my first championship medal, I’m actually from Teesside but I’ve been with the Couriers for two years now so there are no problems about my eligibility. I came over yesterday to check the climb out but ended-up breaking a carbon crank on my good bike so I had to ride today on my second bike.

“My race strategy was top ride the first part steady (in the event I maybe took it too easy), then ride the top, steep part flat-out and it worked-out well for me.”

Scottish Hill Climb Championship 2006 Result

1: 3.31.64: Jason MacIntyre: Velo Ecosse
2: 3.47.88: Ray Wilson: Dunfermline CC
3: 3.55.16: Chris Smart: Glasgow Couriers
4: 4.01.27: Mark Atkinson: Velo Ecosse
7: 4.09.99: Eddie Cowle: Stirling BC
8: 4.11.55: Jim Cusick: Glasgow Couriers
9: 4.11.64: Silas Goldsworthy: Velo Ecosse
10: 4.11.70: Ross Crook: Edinburgh RC
11: 4.12.73: Steve Blom: Glasgow Couriers
12: 4.12.80: Stuart MacGregor: C21 Multisport
13: 4.14.80: John Kermode: Dundee Thistle
14: 4.15.67: Tom Dempster: Ayr Roads
15: 4.19.34: Andrew Nicell: Velo Ecosse
16: 4.19.54: Andrew Fish: Birdwell Wheelers
17: 4.20.81: Ed Cluer: Glasgow Wheelers
18: 4.21.69: Chris Thomson: VC Astar Anderside
19: 4.22.77: John McDowall: Edinburgh RC
20: 4.24.42: Stephen Hoey: Glasgow Ivy
21: 4.24.75: Stewart Chapman: Unattached
22: 4.25.23: Ryan Morris: Hawick CC
23: 4.25.46: Duncan Ball: Musselburgh
24: 4.26.47: Tom Worthington: Nightingale
25: 4.27.46: Mark Symington: Glasgow Wheelers
26: 4.28.82: Steven Hall: Essex Roads
27: 4.31.56: Bob Souter: Unattached
28: 4.32.40: Stephen Macintyre: Unattached
29: 4.33.82: Andrew McCaffery: Glasgow Ivy
30: 4.34.99: David Patrick: Glenmarnock Datasafe
31: 4.37.41: Jim Daly: Johnstone Wheelers
32: 4.38.00: Kieron Hay: Velo Ecosse
33: 4.39.03: Keith Jones: St Christophers
34: 4.40.74: Mark Munro: Deeside Thistle
35: 4.41.66: John Duncan: Edinburgh RC
36: 4.46.32: Scott Johnston: VC Astar Anderside
37: 4.49.91: Steven Quinn: Glenmarnock Datasafe
38: 4.50.04: Craig Lamb: Unattached
39: 4.50.34: Claire Thomas: Edinburgh RC
40: 5.07.84: Jim Middleton: Unattached
41: 5.09.26: Sharon Doyle: Glasgow Ivy
42: 5.14.54: Gregor Robertson: Unattached
43: 5.26.80: Alec Kitson: WestHighland Wheelers