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Grenoble Six Day 2006 – Fifth Night


It’s 9.30 and I’m just up, Kris sleeps in the camper van here at the Grenoble Six Day 2006. He says it’s more comfortable, but I think it’s because I snore so badly. It was interesting at breakfast today; the guys were talking about what they did before they were full-time pro cyclists.

Michael Mørkøv was a carpenter; he served a four year apprenticeship whilst Marvulli was an electrician.  He reckons he pedals fast because he never wants to be installing mobile phone antenae on roofs in the depths of winter again.

Grenoble Six Day 2006
Paolo Bettini’s 2007 Specialized.

Monday is a bad day to try and get the groceries organized. In France, most of the shops are shut and the queues in the su