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Three Days of De Panne 2004


Continuing our look back at Classic, Belgian RockHardMan, Enthusiast-tastic races, to get you into the mood for the upcoming Continental Classics, we bring you the story of our trip to the Three Days of De Panne 2004, a stage race based around the province of West Flanders. Enjoy!

‘It’s Eki !’ Sure enough the rider ahead of us in U.S. postal gear with a neat, compact pedalling style is 2000 Olympic time trial champion Vjatcheslav Ekimov.

We pass him, stop the car, give him a shout and a round of applause, he nods and continues on his way to reconnoitre the Kluisberg climb. This is Flanders in April, centre of the cycling universe, and we’re over for the 3 Days of De Panne, a race which means different things to different people.