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Lotto Zesdaagse van Hasselt 2007 – Day 1


Kris picked me up at Dusseldorf Weeze airport at tea time yesterday (Wednesday), it’s actually only about two kilometres from Holland so it wasn’t long before we found a frites stand. we#re on our way to the Lotto Zesdaagse van Hasselt 2007, the Hasselt Six Day cycle race.

Hasselt is in the Limburg region of Belgium, Flemish speaking and with a population of about 70,000. The local tourist office brochure tries hard to talk the town up but there’s not much to say – a nice-enough place though.

We have a room in the Holiday Inn Express, beats the zed beds at Grenoble and the bin store at Berlin.

It was snowing hard when we left for the track this morning but it turned to rain as the morning progressed.

Lotto Zesdaagse van Hasselt 2007
Hasselt statuary.

The venue is an exhibition hall and the track is portable – it’s used at Rotterdam and Maastricht too. It takes a small fleet