Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The Girvan 2007 – Day 1: Stages 1 & 2


There’s a nip in the air at 07.30 as I stand on Kirkcaldy promenade and await the arrival of Davie and the new Nissan. The big, old Peugeot has gone and he’s got a new Micra now, complete with CD – Yuppie! We’re off to The Girvan 2007.

I’ll soon be on a different prom – Girvan; I’ve just covered another race which involves a windy sea front. De Panne is on the North Sea, just as cold as the Firth of Clyde, which Girvan fronts onto, but there’s a lot more sand – and money, in Belgium.

The Girvan 2007
Wind turbines are a common sight around here at the The Girvan 2007.

Stage 1

They never seem to stop building luxury holiday flats on the Belgian ‘Riviera’ whilst Girvan sits quietly with the paint peeling from the B & B windows.