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Evan Oliphant – The season so far


Evan Oliphant
Racing in the heartlands of Belgium will toughen a guy up.

It’s been a while since we spoke to our friendly Scottish Pro Evan Oliphant, so we figured this was a good time to get a progress report for the season so far, how life is treating him in Belgium and the setup in the new DFL team.

What have you ridden this year?

“I’ve ridden about a dozen races; it’s less than I would like, but I was sick around De Panne time and missed quite a number of events.

“That’s the thing about six of us sharing the house here, if one gets sick then you all do, it was Dan Fleeman who was sick first on that occasion.

“The toughest races I’ve ridden have been in Germany, I rode the Rund um Koln (203 kilometres, won by Juan Jose Haedo of CSC) and the Rund um den Henninger Turm (approx. 200 kilometres, won by Patrik Sinkewitz of T-Mobile —and Britain’s Barry Hoban in 1966) they were horrible!

“I also rode the Scheldeprijs, which ‘Cav’ (Mark Cavendish of GB and T-Mobile) won, it wasn’t bad because it’s pan-flat.

“It wasn’t flat in Germany though, Henninger Turm goes up into the Taunus Mountains. My best result was at Drenthe in Ho