Monday, June 27, 2022
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Giro d’Italia – Day 5: Stage 4, Salerno – Montevergine Di Mercogliano


“Rest day”, that’s a misnomer right away. The ferry was late into Civitavecchia; we had to do a death march with our bags across town to get our Hertz car; then there was a 300 K drive south; the Permanence in Montevergine Di Mercogliano wasn’t set-up (there were mountains of rubbish in the streets, so maybe it wasn’t surprising) and to finish off we had to pad the streets of Salerno until we found an internet cafe.

But we found one eventually and got our words and photos processed.

The pictures were for a couple of rest day pieces; one on TTT bikes and one on Rosella Signora from Sidi. Canada and the US, which are the main markets, are 8/9 hours behind us, which is good for us, deadlines are later, but eventually the stuff has to go.