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Lendelede Kermis 2007


Lendelede, early afternoon, and we’ve missed the start – but the sun is shining and our hero, Guy Smet is riding.

This is a kermis (or “kermesse” in French). A criterium, like Friday night’s, is usually on a circuit of one to two kilometres which is generally urban in nature, and the event will last one to two hours.

A kermis course, on the other hand, will be on a circuit of six to eight kilometres, and whilst it will start and finish in the village main street, it will be largely rural, race duration will be two to three hours.

This one is no different, 16 laps of around six kilometres plus four laps of a smaller finishing circuit, for a total distance of 114 kilometres.

Big Guy (Smet) – bow your head when you say it!

It twists and turns through the maize fields with maybe two dozen right and left hand ninety degree bends and a long drag – just in case all those corners don’t kill you. There are 79 riders on the start sheet.