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Scottish Vets’ Road Race Championship 2007


When it became apparent that the Scottish Vets’ Road Race Championship 2007 — over 65 wet and hilly miles at Alford – would end in a sprint finish, most bets were on fast-finisher Graham McGarrity (Edge RT).

John Kermode (Dundee Thistle) had other ideas however and McGarrity had to settle for second.

Kermode was, understandably; ‘delighted’, whilst McGarrity: ‘hates to lose a sprint, especially in vets’ race!’

The car computer read 13 degrees as the field rolled-out of Alford Ski Centre but the rain which would persist throughout the event, coupled with a cold breeze, made it feel chilly – especially on the higher points of the two 30-odd mile loops around the Correen Hills which fringe the Grampian Mountains.