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Tour of Britain 2007 – Day 2: Stage 1, Reading – Southampton


Yesterday at the Tour of Britain 2007, Evan told us that he and Gordon McCauley were going to jump-away from the gun and stay-away to the line. Did that happen in Southampton?

– Reported by Evan Oliphant –

Did it work out like that, Evan?

“No, I was away early, Plowman Craven did go from the gun but there were attacks going all over the place and everything got hauled-back.

“The stage was Reading to Southampton, 140 kilometres with a couple of third cat climbs, but nothing serious. At the team meet last night, (DS Eric Vanderaerden) said that they (Cavendish’s T-Mobile squad) wouldn’t let a big group go, they would let two or three guys go, because they would be able to bring that back. Eric reckoned that it would unlikely that a

big break would be allowed to go, but we should keep our wits about us and get Daniel Lloyd into it, if it did happen.”Eventually a couple of guys were let go and I could have gone with them, but I could see that Eric was right and it was a suicide job. T-Mobile did bring it back together and Cavendish won again, in a bunch sprint. Nico [Mattan] jumped the string with 3k to go and got a good gap before they dragged him back, we were lined-out when he went, so he must have good form.”

A good day for Evan?

“Yeah, I didn’t dig deep and I avoided the crashes, it was a bit wild