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Tour of Britain 2007 – Day 3: Stage 2, Yeovilton – Taunton

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It was a good day for DFL in the Tour of Britain 2007 on Tuesday heading out of Yeovilton, as Evan explains…

– Reported by Evan Oliphant –

Hills today?

“Yeah, it was 169 k, Yeovil to Taunton, there were some steep ones in the second half. It started getting lumpy at 82 k and the last climb was at 30 k to go. A front group of 31 formed over the hills, from which Trusov (Tinkov) took the stage and the jersey.

“Cavendish lost six minutes, but I expected that. We were best team today, Daniel Lloyd, Daniel Fleeman, Burney Salzburger (Australia) *check spelling* and myself all made the front group. Apart from one GB guy, we were the only British guys at the front.

“Dan’s 8th on GC now, at 18 seconds and I’m 16th at 23 seconds. There was a big crash at the finish, we were doing about 40 mph, but no one seems too badly hurt, Dan Lloyd came down, but he’s not bad, he just hurt his finger. I had to stop, to avoid it, but Burney was 4th and Dan Fleeman was 7th, I think I would have been right up there too. It was a good day, though – even the stage transfers weren’t too long!”

Oleg Tinkov must be pretty happy with Trusov’s overall lead in the race.

No GC for “Cav” then?

“No, I saw him and Hammond, really hurting on the second climb. It was a hard day, there were a lot of short, steep hills as well as the K o M climbs; there was carnage, guys going out the back all over the place. I was feeling good, though.

“Nico told me last night, not to go on any early attacks, because the second half would be so tough, and he was right. It’s just a pity I got baulked in the crash, because I think I was headed for top five.”

Is Nico enjoying the English beer?

“He’s on a red wine phase at the moment, that’s what he’s been having with his evening meal, this week. (VeloVeritas can endorse that this is unusual, Nico is a confirmed Carlsberg-man).”

What have the crowds been like?

“Good, a lot of screaming youngsters, and Plowman Craven have been doing a good job, distributing caps, the kids beside the road are all wearing them.”

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How’s “Lucky Jim” McCallum doing?

“I think he was OK today, I didn’t see him after the first climb, but I think he was safe in a big group.”

How’s tomorrow looking?

“There are three first cat climbs, I think they are short, steep jobs. The race is still very open, Trusov may be leading, but I’m not sure how strong his team is – I don’t think that they are capable of controlling it. There’s a fair distance from the climbs to the finish, so it might well re-group before the finish tomorrow – I hope!”

VeloVeritas will be on the phone to our boy, right after tomorrow’s stage.

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