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Scottish Criterium Championships 2007, Glasgow Green


Scottish Criterium Championships 2007. It was like one of those American cop movies, where the old detective takes the young buck under his wing and together they buck the system — veteran Andrew Davies (the bicycleworks) and junior Hamish Creber (Sandy Wallace) rode away from the field in the opening laps of Saturday’s Scottish criterium championships at Glasgow Green, with the wily Davies taking the gold medal, one hour later, in front of a big crowd, there to see the finale of the Tour of Britain.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
It’s been a long time since we saw Andrew winning a road race.

There were 50 riders on the sheet to face a flat but wind-swept and technical circuit around the narrow tarmac roads which criss-cross Glasgow Green.

The rain which had fallen earlier in the morning was kept at bay by the wind, but the circuit was treacherous in places — as Gary Hand (KFS) would discover, later.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
The “People’s Palace” on Glasgow Green.

The first move of the day was the one that took the spoils, as Davies and Creber eased-clear of the bunch, at first it looked as if the move would be nullified, but lap by lap the two built a lead. David MacDonald (Square Wheels) was with them initially, but never really settled into the strong, purposeful rhythm that the other two soon found.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
Andrew Davies (the bicycleworks) follows junior Hamish Creber (Sandy Wallace).

Behind, organising the chase wasn’t proving easy; Gary Hand and last year’s criterium championship runner-up, Arthur Doyle (Ivy) were two of the first to realise the danger, but on the narrow circuit with tight corners and slick surface, fortune was favouring the brave — two riders could work much better together than 22.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
Graham McGarrity (Edge).

As the laps ticked past, Paul Rennie (Edge), Andy Matheson (Musselburgh) and Graham McGarrity (Edge) all showed at the front, but there would always be a ‘lull’ and the momentum would be lost.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
Paul Rennie (Edge).

The two leaders had no such problems, Davies, low and flat-backed, looking every inch the successful track rider he was in the 80’s and mountain biker Creber, more upright and with a physical style, on paper not a good blend, but both had commitment and kept hard-at the job in hand, pedalling gears noticeably smaller than most of the chasers.

Hand and Kevin Barclay (Plowman Craven) tried to get a chase together, but as is usually the case in situations like these the bunch was happy to hunt them down, but not carry-through with the job and chase the leaders. Barclay would try again, later in the race with Ross Creber (Trek) – brother of leader, Hamish — but with no more success.

Scottish Criterium Championships 2007
Kevin Barclay (Plowman Craven) trails Ross Creber (Trek).

Well before the finish, it was apparent that the race was won, as the two leaders lapped stragglers and got the tail end of the bunch in sight.

Davies and Creber were happy to maintain their advantage and not risk getting caught-up in the chaos that ensues when groups merge as one is lapped.