Jason MacIntyre Wins the Scottish Hill Climb Championship 2007! It took Jason MacIntyre (Edge RT) just 3 minutes and 37 seconds to win his fifth Scottish individual time trial championship of the 2007 season; at Bonnyton Moor on a dreich Sunday afternoon, the hill climb was duly added to the 10, 25, TTT and circuit TT, in the bleak country above Eaglesham.

Jason MacIntyre
Jason used his lo-pro machine for the hill-climb.

MacIntyre won the title on the same climb in 2006, this year he is even lighter and fitter, but a head wind meant that his tail wind assisted record of 3-31, from last year on a mild Saturday afternoon, was not in danger as he crossed the line some six seconds off record pace.

The next medallist was also a repeat of 2006, with Chris Smart (Glasgow Couriers) taking silver, improving from bronze last year.
Chris Smart (Glasgow Couriers)

Whilst MacIntyre went back six seconds Smart’s ride was some 16 seconds behind his bronze 2006 pace.

Last year’s silver medallist, Ray Wilson (Dunfermline) was not present and bronze this year went to Stuart McManus (Glasgow Wheelers).
Stuart McManus (Glasgow Wheelers)

On the day the actual second fastest time was set by Arthur Doyle (Ivy); but whilst his time was posted, his entry wasn’t and, as the commissair said; ‘he fell foul of the postal strike’ and didn’t count for the championship.

As well as taking the individual honours, MacIntyre led time trial specialist Gary Robson and junior winner, Tom Dempster to the team prize.

Best lady was Claire Thomas (Edinburgh RC) and best youth was Sam Matthews (Ivy).

The hill is not one for the specialists, the hill climbers from my youth would struggle here on their battered track irons with fixed gears, Weinmann 500 front brakes and plastic Nitor saddles.

This is a roadman’s climb and requires good use of the gears. A flat starting stretch is fast, but the ramps further up vary in percentage and need the rider to be mentally as well as physically sharp; sticking with a gear too long can be the difference between a medallist and an also-ran.

Jason used the 44 ring on his Cervelo time trial special all the way up, but fourth placed Silas Goldsworthy (Velo Ecosse) – after his pre-race try-out – decided that he would put his faith in the 53 so he would only be making rear mech shifts. Goldsworthy was up from seventh last year and must be looking at an individual medal in 2008.

The afternoon was damp and at one stage a fine drizzle fell adding to the discomfort of a head wind which hit the riders on the flatter lower part of the climb and again once they had left the shelter of the trees, up towards the exposed finish.
Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers)

Dempster set the early pace, off number eight and it was more than half an hour before McManus set a new standard. Goldsworthy was next, but some seven seconds off the pace. Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) wasn’t holding back, but was three seconds down on minuteman Goldsworthy.

Road man Stuart McGregor was ‘square’ with Cusick but next-up was ‘super-vet’ Graham McGarrity (Edge RT), some ten seconds back and wondering where he could find a wheel to sit-on.

Robson was slightly up on Goldsworthy at our check, but pace judgement is crucial in anti-gravity sport, and the wind took its toll on him to the line.

Phil Brown (Velo Ecosse) failed to start and it was down to last years ‘big two’ — Smart was a couple of seconds down on McManus at this stage, but he repeated his 2006 strategy of saving something for that cruel head wind finish, and at the top he had reversed the time difference to take silver.

MacIntyre hove into view just after Smart had passed and there was no need for a stop watch to tell where the title was going; smooth, focussed, revving beautifully — let’s hope they let him wear a GB jersey next year, he deserves it.


The winner Jason said:

“I thought I would use the time trial bike, Mark Atkinson used his last year and it worked well for him. I wasn’t on the tri bars much, most of the time I was on the brake lever part of the bars.

“I rode the 44 ring all the way; I tried to keep my cadence around 100, which makes it tough in its own way. It was much harder this year — with that head wind – than it was last year; given similar conditions I think I could have reduced my hill record.

“Even though the season is finished now, I’m still pretty keen and I’d like to start next season in a little bit better condition than I started this one.

“People talk about pros being ‘burnt-out’ at the end of the season, but the pros are racing a hundred-plus days a year, as amateurs we do nothing like that. I’m still fresh and happy to get out and do the miles — I don’t know if I’ll be saying that on December 18th when there’s two inches of snow though!”

I’m pretty sure he will!

Jason MacIntyre Wins the Scottish Hill Climb Championship 2007 – Full Result

Jason McIntyre – E Edge RT 3.37.42
Arthur Doyle – 2 Glasgow Ivy 4.01.32**
Chris Smart – 1 Glasgow Couriers 4.11.30
Stuart McManus – 2 Glasgow Wheelers 4.11.31
Silas Goldsworthy – 2 Velo Ecosse 4.18.73
Tom Dempster – J Edge RT 4.20.77
Chris Thomson — 2V VC Astar Anderside 4.21.68
Jim Cusick — 2V Glasgow Couriers 4.23.08
Gary Robson – 1 Edge RT 4.23.28
Alan McCaffrey – 4 Nevis Cycles 4.23.81
Gordon McBride – 4 Sandy Wallace 4.26.21
Stuart McGregor — 1V Velo Ecosse 4.28.06
Stephen Macintyre – 4v Glasgow Nightingale 4.30.74
Tom Worthington -3V Glasgow Nightingale 4.31.19
Jason Roberts – 3 Inverclyde Velo 4.34.87
Graham McGarrity — 1V Edge RT 4.35.64
Keith Jones — 4V St Christophers 4.42.97
Sam Mathews – Youth Glasgow Ivy 4.46.23
Scott Johnson – 3 VC Astar Anderside 4.46.76
Aaron Murray – J Velo Ecosse 4.46.82
Gordon Graham -3V Fullarton Wheelers 4.47.40
Mathew Hamilton – Youth Perth United 4.56.03
Alasdair Begbie – 4 Unattached 4.57.21
Claire Thomas – 2W Edinburgh RC 4.58.34
David Murphy — 4V Glasgow Nightingale 5.01.32
Paul Fine Unattached 5.02.18
Greg Brown — Youth Glasgow Nightingale 5.03.09
Mark Symington – 4 Glasgow Wheelers 5.05.93
Grant Ferguson – Youth Peebles 5.06.90
David McGaw – 2 Oxford University CC 5.07.70*
Colin Bark – 3 Glasgow Nightingale 5.08.66
Nick Yeats – 3 Edinburgh RC 5.17.68
Aiden McIlroy – 3 Auchencrow Thistle 5.19.16*
Craig Lamb – Youth Glenmarnock 5.20.45
Brian Digby Unattached 5.25.31
David Lang — 3V Glasgow Wheelers 5.27.11
Andrew Christie Unattached 5.35.20
Phil Brown – 1 Velo Ecosse DNS

* Includes 1 minute time penalty
** Not included in Championship