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When Scotland had a National Stage Race: Part 1 – The Amateur Years


In a recent article about the Tour de Trossachs I became side-tracked onto the year 1978 and mentioned, amongst other things, the Scottish Milk Race – back when Scotland had a National Stage Race, and for quite a few years before and after.

Here I have a look at a few editions of the Milk Race and the Scottish Health Race, where Scotland managed to have a home win with Jamie McGahan in 1983.

Now before I start, please remember this is not a chronological history of Scottish stage races, it’s just a simple ramble down memory lane – and I do know that there exists other great races such as: the Girvan in Ayrshire and the sadly-missed Tour of Speyside in Invernesshire and the Tour of the Kingdom in Fife, but these races weren’t / aren’t classed as “National”.

In any case,: if you want to email in and point out inaccuracies or omissions as you see them, please do, but I’m not going to let ignorance or forgetfulness get in the way of a good reminisce!