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Paul Rowney – A Top Aussie in Scotland


An Aussie winning Scottish cyclo crosses; what’s that all about? VeloVeritas went walk-about and tracked Paul Rowney down for a billy-can of tea beside the billabong.

Paul Rowney
Paul in the aussie MTB series this year.

What brings you to Scotland, Paul?

“My ‘trouble and strife’ is from Scotland, she’s an artist, I met her in Australia, but now we’ve moved over here. When I talk about, “going home” to Australia, she just looks at me and says; ‘We are home!'”

How are you coping with the weather?

“I have a bit of a dicky knee – too much smashing-away at the 11 and 12 cogs over the years – and it reacts badly to the wet and cold. All that said, I feel rejuvinated here, the traffic is a lot lighter here than it is Sydney and there’s so much variety in where you can ride your bike.

“There are still quiet roads to be found and plenty of opportunity for you to ride the mountain bike or cross bike off-road. In Sydney, you have to go out at six in the morning and be back for nine, or it’s just too-crazy with the traffic.”

Australia’s not renowned for producing ‘cross riders?

“I’m not a cross rider, I’m a mountain biker; I’ve ridden and won three crosses in Scotland, so far, but the first two I was on my mountain bike. My latest win was the first