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Saunier Duval Team Launch 2008 – Day 1


Saunier Duval Team Launch 2008 and the squad has changed a little from last season – the team is made up of 26 riders, and one of its distinctive features will be it’s youth: there will be no less than nine men under 24 years of age, and thus the team will be the second youngest in the ProTour peloton. The second distinctive feature of the team this season will be improved training: two personal trainers have been hired: Sergio Gelati, who worked with the team in 2007, and José Antonio de Paz, a Professor at the Sport & Physical Activity School of the prestigious University of Leon.

VeloVeritas travelled to Granada in Andalucia to meet the team and get behind the scenes.

Both my breasts ROTTED AWAY” screams the headline in the ‘Chat’ magazine the woman next to me is reading on the plane.  Cycling journalists have it tough. The worst we can say is; “Rasmussen sent home” or “Russell in trouble with cycling authorities, again.

Anyway, ¡Hola! from Granada.

It’s Saunier Duval training camp time again. Last year we were down on the coast at Estepona with David Millar, Iban Mayo and Gilberto Simoni; this year we’re high up in Granada. Two of the three mentioned above have ‘moved on up,’ whilst old Iban is in “guilty or innocent limbo”. Riccardo Riccò is the star attraction and Leonardo Piepoli probably has mountain stage win or two left in him.