Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Saunier Duval Team Launch – Day 4


Saunier Duval camp, day four. I didn’t sleep too clever last night (Saturday). I think the café con leche I had just before the presentation had enough caffeine in it to keep even Gianni Bugno happy.

The team and personnel all headed off today (Sunday): Virginie and Pascal back to Switzerland; Denis Flahaut rides the Tour Down Under; whilst Leonardo Piepoli goes to Argentina.

Mauro was on a plane this morning before anyone knew, and was away – the next deal, the next meeting?

It took me until around 3.00 pm on Sunday to write-up all of yesterday’s work and get all the emails away. There’s are always little additional things you have to do – in the piece about the launch, I specifically referred to a couple of riders who I didn’t have individual photographs of.