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Scottish Cycling Super 6 Series – Event 2, Wanlockhead: Preview


Gary Hand (Pedal Power), race winner at Gifford in Round 1 carries his Scottish Cycling Super 6 Series lead into Round 2 at Scotland’s highest village of Wanlockhead on Saturday.

The village sits at 467 metres (1531 feet) and used to be known as ‘God’s Treasure House’, due to the local mineral wealth.

[There’s a village in Fife which is known as ‘The Street of Fear’ due to the propensity of the locals to commit random acts of violence on strangers — but that’s another story].

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Round 1 winner, Gary Hand (Pedal Power)

VeloVeritas thought we’d best have a word with organiser Callum Gough to get the low down on the race (highest village — low down?… please yourself!)

Callum, I remember you as a demon climber back in the 80’s.

“Yeah, I was with Liverpool Century and I got the bronze in the RTTC hill climb championships in ’81. The North West scene was very strong back then, as well as The Century there were our deadly rivals The Mercury, with the Fleetwood brothers — and of course there was the Kirkby.

“It was common place for races to be over subscribed, hopefully the Super Six Series is taking us back to those days; I’ve had 241 entries so far and they’re still coming in.”

Does the race have a history?

“No, this is the first edition. When James McCallum first discussed the Series, he said he was looking for new organisers, new races, new ideas – not just the ‘same old, same old,’ where you rolled up and rode like part of some secret society. He wanted organisers that weren’t blinded by past experience, organisers who would organise the local community and make the race a bit special.

“The sport is getting pushed off the roads and we have to react to that, maybe even try for closed roads. We want to make a weekend of it — next year we hope to promote a Sportif, the next day. But I’d prefer a summer date, the only thing that worries is me is the weather — that and missing the Tour of Flanders!”

Tell us about the course.

“It’s a tough one; it’s basically a triangular circuit of around 15 miles to be covered four times, total distance is 64 miles.

There’s a five mile gradual downhill on poor surfaces, then five miles on flat, exposed roads then a five mile gradual climb from Abingdon to Leadhills to complete the lap. The climb is a power job, even though it’s a tough course you won’t need the inside ring.”

And you have a good field?

“Yes! 241 entries in total, including 50 fourth cats, so we’ve got full fields for both races. The ‘entry central’ system has been a boon — no more stamp addressed envelopes!

Gary Hand is riding, defending his lead; Ben Greenwood (right) is up for Rapha and there’s all the usual good Scottish guys, like Gordon Murdoch (Pedal Power), Stuart McGregor (Velo Ecosse) and Paul Rennie (Dooleys).”

Who’s your sponsor?

“Scottish Power Renewables are the main one, there’s good prize money for each race and for the series overall you are running into very good money.”

What have you got laid on for spectators?

“The race HQ is the Wanlockhead Inn and there’ll be party there after the race — it should be quite a ‘do!’ There’s a free barbecue for spectators; the race will be piped out of the village and the local MSP, Kate Gillan will start the event.”

What did you think of the first race of the Series, at Gifford?

“I rode the ‘A’ race, I got round, they couldn’t get rid of me, I just hung in like an old pro! The standard of promotion was very good; the only races that I’ve ridden in Scotland that would be compare, would be Girvan and the old Tour of the Kingdom, back in the 80’s.”

And who’s gonna win?

“I know that Gary Hand is going very well, he had a good Girvan but I think he’ll be marked out of it. If Greenwood has recovered fitness then he’ll be dangerous, but I reckon that Paul Rennie is the man, knowing the course helps a lot and these are local roads for him.”

A free barbecue and a post race barbecue, they didn’t have races like that when I was a boy!

Race Information

Race Headquarters: Wanlockhead Inn, Dumfriesshire.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Course Map

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Course Profile

Race Officials

Chief Commissaire – Tom Forbes (‘A’ & ‘B’ race)
Commissarie – Graeme Herd (‘A’ & ‘B’ race)
Chief Judge – TBA…
Photo Finish Judge – Bill Dunscombe (‘A’ & ‘B’ race)
Gear Checker – TBA…

Race Organiser

Callum Gough
Old Manse
Tel: 0165974583
Mob: 07717768324
Assistant Organiser – Andy Verral

Notes for Competitors

  • Competitors must sign-on at least 30minutes prior to the commencement of their event.
  • Riders who have not completed sign-on will be withdrawn and reserve riders will be included in the field. This will be strictly enforced.
  • Please remember to bring your 2008 race licence with you.
  • Junior gears will be checked. All Juniors MUST have their gears checked before and after the event.
  • Race numbers must be properly affixed, see diagram below, do not fold numbers. Body numbers must be visible at all times. Frame numbers must be located within the front triangle on the frame or behind the seat-post. Timing chips must be located as per Sign on Instruction.
  • Both races will be neutralised until Leadhills. Riders WILL ATTEND race briefing, leader’s jersey presentation 20 minutes before start time in the car park of the HQ (Wanlockhead Inn) . After wave off from dignitary we will go out in convoy. Wearing of leader’s jersey and: attendance at briefing is compulsory. Race leaders please come prepared to change jerseys.
  • Neutral service will be provided. Service is on the left hand side of the road. A rider should place a hand in the air when safe if service is required. No wheels given in then no service. Odd numbers front/Even numbers rear. Name on wheel please.
  • Riders who retire must report to the Chief Judge or Photo Finish operator to report a nonfinish.
  • Competitors in Race ‘A’ must not use the course for warming up while the ‘B’ race is in progress. Please be aware of other competitors, officials and public using the circuit.
  • Competitor Parking is in the Old Tennis court carpark . This will be signposted and is as indicated in the race village map. Strictly NO PARKING in the WANLOCKHEAD INN or MUSEUM CAR PARKS.
  • Parking at Wanlockhead Inn is for Official convoy only this will be strictly enforced no blaggers as there is limited space.
  • Due to the limited number of toilets inside the HQ, the Museum of Lead Mining (Hidden Treasures) toilets are available for competitors and officials. They are located outside the Museum.
  • A free BBQ and T and cakes bar will be provided after each event at the Wanlockhead Inn.
  • Presentations for both races will be held in the Wanlockhead Inn approx 1 hr after the race or ASAP. DON’T PARK IN THE CARPARK OF WANLOCKHEAD INN.
  • Reserve riders who entered and paid via Entry Central have been refunded. Should a reserve rider take a place in the field they are required to pay entry fee prior to signing on.
  • Unfortunately there are limited Changing rooms and no showers.
  • Ladies have a small changing facility in the wooden wigwam at the Wanlockhead Inn .
  • Males have limited changing (approx 20 people) at the rear of the Wanlockhead Inn (NOT INSIDE THE PUB GUYS)! So where possible change in your vehicles. NO RACE SHOES ON THE WOODEN FLOORS OF THE HQ.
  • The Museum café is open from 9am, HQ, The Wanlockhead Inn is open for Tea and breakfasts from 9am and lunches most of the day.
  • For the none cyclists the Museum of Lead Mining will while away some time while you wait for your athletes, the libraries in our two neighbouring villages are two of the oldest subscription libraries in the world.
  • In Leadhills the village Hall will be open for tea
  • In Leadhills the Hopetoun Arms will be open for meals and bar snacks from 12:30
  • Accommodation required? Call Callum on 07717768324 or Nicky on 0165974583 for a local list.
  • As you finish please pass around the outside of the timing mat do not cross over it again or you will get a later finish position.
  • In the event of extreme weather (ie. snow) we will de-camp the HQ down the hill to Leadhills village hall if this will make a difference to race conditions. Wanlockhead road conditions often suffer worse than Leadhills in such conditions.
  • Weather in this area is extreme please dress appropriately.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Number Placement

‘A’ Race – Start List

1 Gary Hand Race Team ELITE
2 James McCallum Plowman craven ELITE
3 Greenwood Ben Rapha-Condor/ ELITE
4 Gordon Murdoch / Endura RT ELITE
5 Alister Kay york cycleworks ELITE
6 Paul Coats Race Team 1
7 Kevin Barclay Race Team 1
8 Colin Ash Andersons Racing 1
9 Paul Rennie Dooleys cycling RT 1
11 Neil Withington Andersons Racing 1
12 Raymond Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles 1
13 Phillip Brown Velo Ecosse 1
14 Andrew Tinsley onimpex RT Bioracer 1
15 Scott Macrae / Endura RT 2
16 Euan Pope Glasgow Couriers — DB Developments 2
17 Lewis Oliphant Equipé Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers 2
18 Ross Crook Edinburgh RC 2
19 Mathew Linacher Onimpex RT Bioracer Museeuw 2
20 Arthur Doyle Dooleys cycles racing team 2
21 Paul McInally East Kilbride RC 2
22 David Lines Race Team 2
23 Smart Chris Glasgow Kooriers 2
24 Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles 2
25 Callum Wilkinson Bicycleworks 2
26 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles 2
27 Micky Mallen GS Metro 2
28 Allan Mill GS Metro 2
29 Steve Davies Onimpex RT Bioracer-Museeuw 2
30 Ian Sim Glasgow Couriers DB Developments 2
31 Tim Allan GS Metro 2
32 Jon Kelly GS Metro 2
33 Barry Crumlish Glasgow Couriers — DB Developments 2
34 Chris Harney Edinburgh RC 3
35 Andrew Fish pedal power endura RT 3
36 Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 3
37 Derek Walker East Kilbride RC 3
38 Lee Whitelaw Edinburgh RC – The Bicycleworks 3
39 Scott Johnson VC. ASTAR 3
40 Blair Gibb / Endura RT 3
41 Peter Murdoch EKroadclubcyclelane 3
42 Alan Dow Sandy Wallace Cycles 3
43 Mark Richards East Kilbride Road Club 3
44 Barry McGurk Team Icarus 3
45 Mark Millington the 3
46 Michael Nicolson Glasgow Wheelers 3
47 Stephen Russell EKroadclubcyclelane 3
48 Richard Chapman 3
49 Jason Roberts Glasgow Nightingale CC 3
50 Sean Clark Pedal Power RT 3
51 Kenneth Armstrong Ayr Roads CC 3
52 Alan Thomson Glasgow Couriers — DB- Developments 3
53 Peter Collins Drummond-Datasafe / Glenmarnock 3
54 Aiden Mcilroy Edinburgh Road club Bicycleworks 3
55 Russell Craig Ythan CC 3
56 Alister Watt Granite City RT 1V
57 Graham Mcgarrity Dooleys 1V
58 Stuart macgregor Velo Ecosse 1V
59 Steve McIntosh Granite City Racing Team 2V
60 Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers / DB- Developments 2V
61 Ken Russell Edinburgh RC 3V
62 Tom Worthington Glasgow Nightingale CC 3V
63 Martin Coopland Falkirk BC 3V
64 Richard Garrett Edinburgh RC – The Bicycleworks 3V
65 David Gibson Dooleys RT 3V
66 Graham Mercer Team Icarus 3V
67 Andrew Matheson Musselburgh Roads cc 3V
68 Raymond Riedy Team Leslie Bikshop – Right Move Windows 3V
69 Phillip Leigh lune cc 3V
70 Ken Thomson Dunfermline 3V
71 Rob Nicholson Classic Walls CRT 3V
72 Stephen Hoey Glasgow Ivy CC 3V
73 James Daly johnstone wheelers 3V
74 Chris Thomson vc astar / anderside 3V
75 Callum MacGregor The 3V
76 Mark Jones DiscoveryJuniorCyclingClub J
77 Calum McLean Stirling Bike Club J
78 Aaron Murray Velo Ecosse J
79 Magnus Davidson Squarewheels Cycles J
80 Dean Martin Equipé Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers J

R1 Jamie Drever Glasgow Wheelers 3
R2 Mark Baugh Stirling Bike Club 3
R3 Cassels Stephen CycleSport Dundee RT 3
R4 Nick Yeats ERC 3
R5 Cameron Fisher Glasgow Nightingale CC 3v
R6 Tony Nugent East Kilbride 3v
R7 Alex Hay Glasgow Couriers-Bennett Developments 3v
R8 Keith Smith Glasgow Wheelers 3
R9 Craig Gilmour ayr roads cc 3
R10 Franco Porco Falkirk 3
R11 Edd Shackley Ivy CC 3v
R12 Tom Anderson Falkirk BC 3

‘B’ Race – Start List

1 Fiona Duncan Ythan CC W
2 Anne Ewing Edinburgh RC W
3 Claire Thomas Edinburgh RC – The Bicycleworks W
4 Eleanor Reid Ross-shire Roads CC W
5 Helen Findlay The Bicycle Works W
6 Katia Hiersemenzel Edinburgh University Triathlon Club W
7 Katie Wylie Falkirk BC W
8 Alan McLean Johnstone Wheelers CC 4
9 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC 4
10 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads / Harry Fairbairn CC 4
11 Andy Duncan Ythan CC 4
12 Barry Cranstoun East Kilbride RC 4
13 Benny McLaughlin Glasgow Nightingale CC 4
14 Brynley Davies Edinburgh RC 4
15 Cameron Stewart ERC 4
16 Chris Bryant Border Cycling 4
17 Chris Whittle Deeside Thistle CC 4
18 Chris Bown Dunfermline Cycling Club 4
19 Colin Howard Johnstone Wheelers 4
20 Colin May Edinborough rc bicycleworks 4
21 David Muir Fife Cycling 2000 4
22 Frank Kennedy Johnstone Wheelers 4
23 Gavin Park Unattached 4
24 Gordon McBride Sandy Wallace Cycles 4
25 Graeme Neagle Glasgow Wheelers 4
26 Graeme Small East Kilbride Road Club 4
27 Guto Williams East Kilbride RC 4
28 Ian Willcox Unattached 4
29 James Mcpake Falkirk BC 4
30 Jim Paton Royal Albert CC 4
31 Karl Mott The Bicycle Works 4
32 Kennedy Robert Glasgow Nightingale 4
33 Kieran McCluskey Team Icarus 4
34 Kristoffer Aksnes Glasgow Wheelers 4
35 Lee Anderson East Kilbride Road Club 4
36 McDiarmid Scott Edinburgh RC 4
37 Michael Bossard Nevis cycles R T 4
38 Neil Pearson Dumfries CC 4
39 Neil Crawford Dundee Thistle 4
40 Oliver Fox / Endura RT 4
41 Paul McSkimmng Dooleys Cycles RT 4
42 Paul French Unattached 4
43 Paul Gillon Walkers CC 4
44 Ross Spence Edinburgh RC – The Bicycleworks 4
45 Scott Bullivant Edinburgh RC- The Bicycleworks 4
46 Steven Robertson East Kilbride RC 4
47 Stevie Crowther Team Leslie Bikshop – Right Move Windows 4
48 Thomas Dyson Edinburgh Road Club 4
49 Tim Blathwayt Edinburgh RC 4
50 Tommy Murray / Endura RT 4
51 Trevor Wilson Walkers CC 4
52 Georges Avraam Edinburgh RC 4
53 Duncan Warwick Deeside Thistle CC 4
54 Andrew Douglas PedalPower Race Team 4
55 Billy Roberton Ayrodynamic Triathlon Club 50+
56 Bob Soutter Peebles CC 50+
57 Calum MacNeill Glasgow Nightingale CC 50+
58 George Findlater Elgin Cycling Club 50+
59 Graham Barclay Team Leslie Bikshop – Right Move Windows 50+
60 Jim Middleton Glenmarnock Whrs 110 50+
61 Jamie Keenan Ayr Roads / Harry Fairbairn CC 50+
62 Alan Cardwell Pedal 50+
63 John Gemmell Ayr Roads CC 50+
64 Mark Finlay Edinburgh RC 50+
65 Michael Houston Edinburgh Road Club 50+
66 Oliver Brookes Edinburgh RC 50+
67 Paul O’Brien Glasgow Nightingale CC 50+
68 Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles 50+
69 Steve Jolley Onimpex Bioracer RT 50+
70 David Lang Glasgow Wheelers 50+|
71 Beast of The Valley Team Icarus 60+
72 David Millar Glasgow Couriers Bennet Devs. 60+
73 George McLaughlin Law Wheelers 60+
74 Kenneth Anderson Hawick CC 60+
75 Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles 60+
76 Alastair McNicol Equipe’ Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers J
77 David Vinten Deeside Thistle CC J
78 Louis McCusker pedal power J
79 Niall Johnstone Stirling BC J
80 Philip O’Brien Glasgow Nightingale CC J

R1 Gary Mcfarlane /Endura Race Team 4
R2 Ross Clark Deeside Thistle 4
R3 Brendan Roe leslie bike shop 50+
R4 Alastair Scott-Kiddie Deeside Thistle CC 4
R5 Brian Hamilton PedalPower/Endura 4
R6 David Laurie Glasgow Nightingale CC 4
R7 Dougal Allan Edinburgh RC – The Bicycleworks 4
R8 James Hendrie Edinburgh Road Club 50+
R9 Gerry Mcgarrity CRT Inverclyde 4
R10 Jeremy Greengrass Glasgow Nightingale CC 4
R11 Julian Duncan Glasgow Wheelers 4
R12 Keith Jones St Christophers CC 4
R13 Kelly Michael Unattached 4
R14 Peter Simpson Berwick Wheelers 4
R15 Rob Armstrong Deeside Thistle 4

Martin Williamson
Martin is our Editor, Web site Designer and Manager, and concentrates on photography. He's been involved in cycling for over 42 years and has raced for many of them, having a varied career which includes time trials, road and track racing, and triathlons. Martin has been the Scottish 25 Mile TT and 100 Mile TT Champion, the British Points Race League Champion on the track, and was a prolific winner of time trials in his day, particularly hilly ones like the Tour de Trossachs and the Meldons MTT.

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