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Scottish Cycling Super 6 Series – Event 3, Greenacres


“I was needing a win! I’ve had too many second places!” was how Gordon Murdoch (Pedal Power) explained his strongman’s victory over 62 windy, potholed, crash-plagued miles in Saturday’s Dooley’s Grand Prix, event three in the Scottish Cycling Super 6 series, high on the bleak moors to the south west of Paisley.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Gordon takes the win ahead of team-mate Scott.

The Pedal Power men took their tartan to a one-two-four, with Scott Macrae close behind Murdoch at the line and the man in the Super Six leader’s jersey – Gary Hand – fourth, after puncturing at the wrong time.

Third place belonged to race hero, Arthur Doyle (Dooleys); it had looked for a while as if his solo epic might pay off, but Murdoch was, as Macrae said; “super strong!”

Scottish Cycling Super 6
First Lap, first hill.

It was windy, but mild as tester, Hugh Jamieson of the promoting club lead the big bunch up the twisting drag from the start on the first of eight laps of a technical, unforgiving circuit.

By the end of the first lap, there was no bunch, just groups of various sizes spread thin around the course, courtesy of “Herdy’s Hell,” the single carriageway section of the course which had potholes aplenty, gravel, hairpins and sharp snaps – in fact, everything except flat, well surfaced tarmac.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Safely round the corner.

Murdoch was already at the head of affairs; behind the crashes had started.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
At the head of affairs.
Scottish Cycling Super 6
Herdy’s Hell indeed.
Scottish Cycling Super 6
What the riders had to cope with.
Scottish Cycling Super 6
Apparently lots of riders train on roads worse than this, and couldn’t see what the problem was.

Eddie Cowle (Stirling Bike Club) discovered that well made though Cervélo forks are, they’re no match for good Scottish rock.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Eddie Cowle was lucky to only suffer a broken steerer.

One of the crash victims explained to us that he wished he remembered one of the golden rules of cycling – always research the course first!

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Murdoch was at the head of affairs again…

Murdoch was at the head of affairs again on lap two as he and Ross Creber (Science in Sport) had a gap on a group of around a dozen with another dozen or so chasing.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
The chasers.

Kevin Barclay (Pedal Power) was in the second group and could see the race disappearing up the road, but his efforts were in vain – the race pattern was established.

The third lap saw the sun go on strike and the temperature dropped, the lead group had 45 seconds on the chasers – the elastic hadn’t quite snapped.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Arthur Doyle escapes and enjoys 3 laps of solitude.

Doyle’s bid for a second Super Six win began on lap four, as he prized 15 seconds of daylight between himself and the Pedal Powered leaders. The gap back to the next group was now 1-40.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Veteran Andy Mathieson hasn’t changed in 20 years.

By lap five, the lead group had been whittled down by the wind, punctures and lack of form – Doyle now had 50 seconds as Bob Taylor urged him on from the roadside.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Paul Coates (L, talking to Martin) made the break, but realised it wasn’t his day at half-distance.

The sixth lap saw the race enter it’s final phase as Doyle’s lead came back to 25 seconds on a group of three – Murdoch, Hand and Macrae with a further 20 seconds back to Tim Allan (GS Metro), David Lines (Pedal Power) and a strong looking Phil Brown (Velo Ecosse). Behind, it was carnage.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Tim Allen rode to another strong result – 5th today.

The penultimate lap saw Doyle still 25 seconds clear of Murdoch and Macrae – Hand having punctured.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Murdoch and Macrae chase Doyle, coming to the start of the penultimate lap.
Scottish Cycling Super 6
Phil Brown looked very strong today, and stayed calm after puncturing whilst in 4th place with a lap and a half to go.

Meanwhile, Brown was giving his best Lars Boom impersonation as he ran up the tough second climb in the “Herdy’s Hell” section – his rear tyre on the rim.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Hand, Lines and Creber pass through the finish with 1 lap to go.

Hand, Lines and Creber were next, with the trio passing Brown before he could get a wheel change.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
One lap to go, and a focused Macrae leads from a gasping-for-air Murdoch and Doyle, visibly suffering after being reeled in, but these 3 are well clear now.

At the bell, Doyle was back in the fold as he, Murdoch and Macrae ploughed through the rising wind.

And whilst it was understandable that his Dooley’s clubmates might discuss Doyle jumping the Pedal Power riders on the hill, it was unlikely, given the watts he’d been pouring out for most of the afternoon.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Chasing the leaders at the bell – Creber, Lines and Hand.
Scottish Cycling Super 6
Raymond Wilson wins the only sprint, with a good gallop for ninth place.

One lap later and it was Murdoch and Macrae who had done the “jumping away on the hill,” but a good ride by Doyle nonetheless.

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Winner – Gordon Murdoch.

Big Gordon‘ was much more eloquent than the last time I interviewed him after a major win – the 2007 Rosneath;

“Make sure you get the blood on my knee in the picture – just to prove I crashed! I came off when we were chasing Arthur on lap six. I felt very strong today – I could have raced another couple of laps if I had to.

“I knew we’d get Arthur back, it was very windy and it’s such a tough course to be away on your own for so long – but all credit to him. I’ve changed my training recently, I’m concentrating more on speed and quality – it’s made a big difference, one big indicator is that my pulse rates have come down. But I was needing a win, I’ve had too many second places!”

Scottish Cycling Super 6
2nd – Scott Macrae.

Have Pedal Power been coaching their boys on interview skills? Scott Macrae showed no fear of the notebook either;

“It was a tough circuit and there was attacking from the gun. We knew that it would be likely to split on the “Herdy’s Hell” section, so we kept at the front through there and sure enough, it split there half way rund the first lap. The next laps were a whittling down process as guys punctured and cracked; then Gordon and Gary launched a big attack to get to Arthur and I got with them.

“Unfortunately, Gary punctured but Gordon and I got across to. When we caught him, he rode with us and on the last lap, Gordon attacked; Arthur tried hard to get back to him, but I could see he was tired and I jumped him too. I got across to Gordon, but he was super strong and hopped off on the last rise, to get the 1-2 is just great.”

Scottish Cycling Super 6
3rd – Arthur Doyle, the “man of the match”.

I started by asking Arthur Doyle if he’d ride the race the same way, if he had to ride it over?

“Aye, because I’m stupid! Seriously, I cramped today, my legs just locked up. My background is time trialling, I knew that I couldn’t match Gordon at the finish – he has too much of a jump for me, so I had to try and do something on my own. When they got up to me, they just one,two-ed me. Early in the season I was trianing for speed, but now I’m doing longer intervals in preparation for time trialling. That doesn’t prepare you for this kind of event.”

Maybe not, Arthur, but you helped make it a good race to watch.


‘A’ Race

1 Gordon Murdoch RT E 02:40:31
2 Scott Macrae 2 3
3 Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles Racing Team 2 53
4 Gary Hand RT Elite 02:48
5 Ross Creber Science in Sport / Trek U23 1 04:02
6 Tim Allan GS Metro 2 04:39
7 Philip Brown Velo Ecosse 1 same time
8 Raymond Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles 1 05:08
9 John Kermode Dundee Thistle 1 same time
10 Graham McGarrity dooleys rt V1 same time
11 David Lines / Endura RT 2 05:10
12 Alister Watt Granite City RT 1 05:12
13 Paul McInally East Kilbride RC 2 05:35
14 Chris Thomson vc astar / anderside V2 same time
15 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles 2 06:01
16 Keith Smith Glasgow Wheelers 3 06:03
17 Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles 2 08:19
18 James Cusick Glasgow Couriers / D.B. Develop V2 09:54
19 Jason Roberts Glasgow Nightingale CC 3 same time
20 Stephen Russell East Kilbride RC 3 same time
21 Kevin Barclay Pedal Power/ Endura RT U23 1 14:18
22 Tom Worthington Glasgow Nightingale CC V3 14:26
23 Lee Whitelaw Edinburgh RC 3 same time
24 Neil Withington Andersons Racing 1 19:23
25 Ross Crook Edinburgh RC 2 same time
26 Craig Gilmour Ayr Roads /Harry Fairbairn 3 same time
27 Martin Coopland Unattached V3 19:26
28 Aidan Mcilroy Edinburgh RC 3 22:23
29 Callum Gough Onimpex RT -Bioracer Museeuw Bi V 23:66
30 Rob Nicholson Classic Walls CRT V3 23:50
31 Kenny Raeside Inverclyde Velo V3 25.30

Scottish Cycling Super 6
Spot the organiser.

‘B’ Race

1 Graeme Neagle Glasgow Wheelers U23 4 01:48:04
2 James Mcpake Falkirk BC 4 1
3 Chris Whittle Deeside Thistle CC 4 4
4 Niall Aitken race t 4 24
5 Robert Kennedy Glasgow Nightingale CC V4 32
6 Graham Barclay Team Leslie Bikshop – Right Mov V50 33
7 Andrew Brierley Spokes RT 4 57
8 Ross Spence Edinburgh RC 4 same time
9 Colin May Edinburgh RC 4 same time
10 Barry Cranstoun EK road club 4 01:00
11 Eddie Addis Stirling Bike Club 4 03:25
12 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC 4 same time
13 Paul French unattached V4 03:28
14 Ian Wilcox Unattached V4 04:41
15 Lee Anderson East Kilbride Road Club V60 05:30
16 George Findlater Elgin Cycling Club V50 3 same time
17 Steven Robertson East Kilbride RC V50 3 same time
18 Kristoff Aksnes Glasgow Wheelers 4 same time
19 Georges Avraam Edinburgh RC 4 05:32
20 Jeremy Greengrass Glasgow Nightingale CC 4 05:45
21 Tommy Murray / Endura RT 4 07:15
22 Alan McLean Johnstone Wheelers CC V4 same time
23 Scot Bullivant 4 08:52
24 Graeme Small East Kilbride RC V4 09:19
25 Neil pearson Dumfries cc 4 same time
26 Kate Cullen W 1 same time
27 Chris Brown Dunfermline CC V4 same time
28 David Lang Glasgow Wheelers V50 3 same time
29 Malcolm Paterson Glasgow Nightingale CC 4 same time
30 Michael Houston Edinburgh Road Club V50 3 same time
31 Ollie Fox Pedal RT 4 09:30
32 Paul SkimDingo Dooleys Racing Team V4 09:59
33 Niall Johnstone Stirling BC Jun same time
34 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads / Harry Fairbairn CC V50 st
35 Bob Souter Peebles CC V50 4 10:42
36 Stevie Crowther Team Leslie Bikshop – Right Mov 4 st
37 Jocky Johnstone Team Icarus V60 11:36
38 Gavin Mooney Edinburgh RC 4 11:38
39 Duncan Warwick Deeside Thistle V4 11:46
40 Mark Jones Discovery Junior CC Jun 13:31
41 Andy Douglas same time
42 Mark Finlay Edinburgh RC 4 15:04
43 Alastair McNicol Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers J 15:21
44 Douglas Young Stirling Bike Club/ Wheels of C Jun 15:23
45 Andrew Agnew Wallacehill V50 16:11
46 John Gemmell Ayr Roads Harry Fairbairn cc V50 3 st
47 Helen Findlay The Bicycleworks W 16:18
48 Calum McNeil Glasgow Nightingale CC V50 3 16:40
49 Brian Hamilton pedalpower/Endura 4 16:41
50 Kenneth Anderson Hawick CC V60 16:49
51 Timothy Blathwayt Edinburgh RC – bicycleworks V5 18:29
52 Alan Cardwell / Endura RT V4 18:37
53 Archie Johnstone Stirling BC 4 22:19
54 Wasiela Jakub Edinburgh Road Club 4 24.04
55 Louis Mccusker / Endura RT Jun 25.10
56 Thomas Scott Classic wall RT V4 30.10

Ed Hood and Martin Williamson
Ed and Martin, our top team! They try to do the local Time Trials, the Grand Tours and the Classics together to get the great stories written, the quality photos taken, the driving done and the wifi wrestled with.

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