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Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship 2008


On a Sunday morning as close to perfect as we’ll get in Scotland, Arthur Doyle (Dooleys) did what most people had expected and took the Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship over the A811, Kippen Flats, equalling Graeme Obree’s 20-13 course record. If Arthur’s first time trial championship win went to form, then the destination for rest of the medals was much less predictable.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Arthur Doyle.

Dave Martin (the bicycleworks) finally has a piece of silver to show for all that ten mile talent he’s demonstrated over the last few years, his 20-24 was just three seconds too quick for the bronze medal winners — yes, that’s plural.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Gary Robson.

Scottish Cycling will have to splash out and buy two bronzes. Arthur’s team mate, Gary Robson now has an individual medal to add to his clutch of short distance team medals, but the watch couldn’t separate him from Edinburgh Road Club’s Ken Russell — maybe they’ll have to cut the medal in half?

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Joe Wilson.

It was sunny, mild and with just a light breeze off the East when we arrived at the Kippen roundabout turn in time to see Jonathan Copp show off his new Sandy Wallace colours, he’s been a medallist at this distance before, but not today.

I had a flash back at this stage; the last time I saw this roundabout, I was hanging on to Callum Macgregor’s back wheel during a gentleman’s time trial a few years ago — what was I thinking about?

There were already quick times on the board, Ken Russell’s bronze came off number 15 and Glasgow Couriers’ hill climb star Chris Smart had done 20-48 off number ten.

The weather and traffic flow didn’t vary much over the last hour, although it was warmer for the last starters, so there was probably little advantage to be gained from field placing on this beautiful morning.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Gary Hand.

Roadman, Gary Hand (Pedal Power) was trying his hand at clock bashing but wasn’t going to trouble the specialists.

Ever green Dave Gibson was another rider that fooled us with a change of colours, we’re so used to seeing him in the Modena colours, but he’s a Dooleys man too now.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Dave Gibson.

Dave’s road background showed as he changed down into the roundabout and was away quickly and cleanly, unlike many of the ‘pure’ testers who laboured mega gears out of the turn, taking an age to gain momentum.

A lovely Mark 1 3.0 litre Ford Capri passed shortly after Davie, en route a classic car rally, the gurgle of the V6 took me back to when I had my 2.8 injection and . . . oh, sorry!

Hugh Jamieson is another of the Dooleys time trial tribe and he was looking much happier than the last time I saw him — hirpling round the moors above Paisley in the Super Six.

The wonderfully named ‘D. Caesar’ from the bicycleworks wasn’t going to win, but his suntan was superb.

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Gordon Murdoch.

Gordon Murdoch (Pedal Power), winner of that moor land Super Six I just mentioned had ‘turned tester for a day,’ no tri-bars, just clip-ons but looked strong, well up on minute man and former 12 hour champ, Norman Skene (Granite City)

Silver medallist, Dave Martin was obviously flying, off 105, too quick for me to get a snap — sorry Dave, I’ll keep a good eye out for you in the 25.

Meanwhile, the marshals were offering sound encouragement to riders; “pit some effort into it man!”

His companion marshal did observe however; “Christ! He’s breithin’ oot his erse awreadiz!’

Scottish 10 Mile Time Trial Championship
Jonathon Copp.

Phil Brown was another road man giving the ‘alone and unpaced’ game a try and was well up on minute man, Callum Ritchie (Musselburgh).