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Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race


Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race
Gary Hand.

A top class field raced this year’s 78 mile Sam Robinson Memorial event, attracting the majority of Scotland’s road race talent and a number of riders from North East England, including the regional champion.

The 78 mile race tackled the climbs of the Dukes Pass and ‘Top of the World’, based around the Trossachs and two tough finishing circuits through Balfron Town.

The RT and Dooleys Cycles RT were constantly attacking the bunch, which fragmented over the the initial parts of the tough terrain.

Gary Hand ( [left] took off with 3 miles to go and finished alone, leaving a group of 6 to sprint out 2nd place in the uphill finish, going to Chris Thomson (VC Astar) from Graeme McGarrity.

Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race
Chris Thomson wins the sprint for 2nd place.

Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race – Result

1 6 Gary Hand RT E 03:20:53
2 71 Chris Thomson VC Astar/Anderside 2 12
3 19 Graeme McGarrity Dooleys Cycles RT 1 same time
4 1 Gordon Murdoch RT E same time
5 76 Philip Brown Velo Ecosse 1 same time
6 18 Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles RT 2 same time
7 7 Scott MacRae RT 2 same time
8 15 Callum Wilkinson Bicycleworks 2 19
9 48 Stuart McManus Glasgow Wheelers 2 01:30
10 59 Rab Wardell Sandy Wallace Cycles 2 01:31
11 20 Paul Rennie Dooleys Cycles RT 1 03:39
12 36 Tom Anderson Falkirk BC 3 same time
13 85 David Robinson NFM Race Team 2 same time
14 58 Ian Taylor MTS Cyclesport/Inkland 1 same time
15 2 Kevin Barclay RT 1 same time
16 75 John Walton VC Azzurri 3 05:19
17 39 Steven Dunn Falkirk BC 2 05:26
18 37 Neil Cameron Falkirk BC 2 same time
19 35 Lewis Oliphant Equipe Velo Ecosse 2 same time
20 73 Keith Gibson VC Azzurri 3 same time
21 72 Ronnie Batey VC Azzurri 2 same time
22 52 Alister Watt Granite City RT 1 same time
23 30 Colin May Edinburgh Road Club 4 same time
24 64 Robert Hassan Rockhard Racing 3 05:29
25 10 Steven Ward MTS Cyclesport/Inkland 2 05:30
26 60 Daniel McShane Omagh Wheelers 3 05:33
27 50 Michael Nicolson Glasgow Wheelers 3 05:36
28 55 Josh James Kinesis UK E 05:39
29 24 Stephen Russell East Kilbride Road Club 3 05:53
30 47 Alan Thomson Glasgow Couriers 2 06:07
31 54 Craig Hardie 3 06:29
32 23 Paul McInally East Kilbride Road Club 2 08:17
33 51 Keith Smith Glasgow Wheelers 3 same time
34 42 Craig Moffat Falkirk BC 3 08:40
35 33 Stuart MacGregor Equipe Velo Ecosse 1 10:13
36 49 Graeme Neagle Glasgow Wheelers 3 10:14
37 5 Blair Gibb RT 3 10:16
38 22 Michael Summers Dunfermline CC 3 same time
39 11 John Brown ActiveCycles/Corbridge 3 same time
40 32 Alistair Simpson Edinburgh Road Club 4 same time
41 28 Alastair Easton Edinburgh Road Club 3 same time
42 61 Callum Gough Omnipex RT/Bioracer/Museeuw 3 same time
43 8 Jason Roberts Glasgow Nightingale CC/Sapphire 3 same time
44 69 Dougie Young Stirling BC/Wheels of Callander 3 10:21
45 12 Collin Humphrey ActiveCycles/Corbridge 1 10:24
46 14 Raymond Turner Activecycles/Corbridge 3 12:28
47 27 Tim Blathwayt Edinburgh Road Club 4 27:18:00
48 56 Tom MacDonald Lomond Road CC 3 27:21:00
49 45 Jamie Kennedy Glasgow Couriers 4 28:37:00
50 34 Alastair McNicol Equipe Velo Ecosse 4 29:01:00
51 26 Georges Avraam Edinburgh Road Club E same time
52 25 Guto Williams East Kilbride Road Club 4 34:34:00
53 21 Jed Martens Dunfermline CC 4 same time
54 77 Trevor Wilson Walkers Cycling 4 same time

NVT Climber: Paul Rennie (Dooleys Cycles RT)

Sapphire Sprinter: Kevin Barclay ( RT)

Solidrock Hardman: Graeme McGarrity (Dooleys Cycles RT)

1st 3rd Cat: Tom Anderson (Falkirk BC)

1st 4th Cat: Colin May (Edinburgh RC)

Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race
Craig Hardie.

Martin Williamson
Martin is our Editor, Web site Designer and Manager, and concentrates on photography. He's been involved in cycling for over 42 years and has raced for many of them, having a varied career which includes time trials, road and track racing, and triathlons. Martin has been the Scottish 25 Mile TT and 100 Mile TT Champion, the British Points Race League Champion on the track, and was a prolific winner of time trials in his day, particularly hilly ones like the Tour de Trossachs and the Meldons MTT.

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