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Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship: Preview


The only thing that is certain about Sunday’s Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship, is that there will be a new champion.

Reigning champion, Jason Macintyre was snatched from us before we saw the very best of him; we miss you, Jason.

Sunday morning’s championship is organised by Isobel Smith on the rolling dual carriageways of the A90 near Strathcathro Services between Dundee and Aberdeen. The start is near Fordoun, just a mile or two from Arbuthnott – Lewis Grassick Gibbon country.

It’s wide and fast on the right day, but brutally exposed if the wind blows – which it tends to do a lot on Scotland’s East Coast.

The forecast for Sunday is unsettled, with lower tempertures predicted.

Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship
Arthur Doyle.

On paper, it should be recently crowned 10 champion, Arthur Doyle (Dooleys) off number 102 who takes the 40 K crown.

Doyle was fourth last year and is much improved for 2008; his equalling of Graeme Obree’s 20-13 in winning the Scottish 10 champs on the Kippen Flats, last month speaks for itself; and that was despite illness in the week leading into the event.

In recent weeks he’s “blown a gasket” in road races, according to one of our spies.

Loss of form, or over-load to super-compensate; ready for the Blue Riband of the time trialling world? We’ll find out on Sunday!

Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship
Mark Atkinson (Sandy Wallace) is a repeat medallist in the ’25’.

Down in an unaccustomed eighth that morning with 20.47, was Mark Atkinson (Sandy Wallace) but what the time doesn’t reveal is that he had to pick himself up off the tar as he awaited his start.

For the past two seasons, Atkinson has been silver medallist in the 25 with efforts that would normally have been good enough to win – had it not been for Fort William’s other flyer.

He’s a past champion at the distance and a man who can torture himself like few others in training and in competition.

Atkinson will not allow Doyle an easy morning on Sunday. He also has the advantage of being last off at 116, so if his helpers are switched on, he’ll know exactly what he has to do to win.

Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship
Gary Robson (Dooleys).

Gary Robson (Dooleys) took silver in the 10 and has produced some stunning 25 mile performances in training. It will be hard for him to beat Doyle and Atkinson, but he won’t be far away.

With medal favourites Doyle and Robson, it’s difficult to see Dooleys missing out on the team; super consistent Dave Gibson was fifth last year and should be the man to back them to a repeat of their 10 team win.

Should Dooleys falter, then Sandy Wallace with Atkinson, Copp, Wilson, Black and Dow will be ready to pounce.

Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship
Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers).

Talking of consistency, last year’s 25 bronze medallist, Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers) off 110, shows no sign of slowing down and it would be no surprise to see him take a medal.

Scottish National 25 Mile Time Trial Championship
Joe Wilson (Sandy Wallace).

Joe Wilson (Sandy Wallace) at 100 is a man who might, or might not produce the goods, although his best days all seem to be at longer distances, recently.

Peter Ettles (Forres) could be a long shot, he’s been doing some quick times lately.

But if I have to come right out, for me it’s Mark, Arthur and Gary – in that order; but remember, I said Kloden would win the Tour!

See you Sunday.

Start Sheet

1 Y.Davidson Ythan 8.01 29.00 Lady Vet 1.13.49
2 M.ThissenSmith DTCC 8.02 20.12 Lady Vet 1.10.45
3 R.Jackson Unattached 8.03 21.18 Lady Jun
4 P.Rother Edinburgh RC 8.04 18.07 Lady Vet 1.15.29
5 L.Chillingsworth DTCC 8.05 19.39 Lady
6 J.Lang Edinburgh RC 8.06 16.43 Lady Vet 1.12.43
7 C.Middleton Ythan 8.07 17.09 Lady Vet 1.14.22
8 M.Anderson DTCC 8.08 17.59 Lady Vet 1.15.29
9 F.Duncan Ythan 8.09 13.53 Lady

10 C.McLean Shetland Wh 8.10 11.02 Lady Vet 1.13.49
11 E.Thornell Tri Changing 8.11 16.59 Lady Vet 1.10.04
12 V.Hunter Perth United 8.12 10.05 Lady Vet 1.12.11
13 A.Haggerty Dooleys Cyc 8.13 13.43 Lady
14 J.Nicholson DTCC 8.14 15.58 Lady Vet 1.17.45
15 J.Wilson-Young Edinburgh RC 8.15 8.23 Lady

21 I.Edwards DTCC 8.21 26.06 Vet 1.14.55
22 P.Winter Ythan 8.22 19.14 Vet 1.15.29
23 K.Ross Cromarty Firth 8.23 21.43 Vet 1.21.53
25 P.Clark DTCC 8.25 15.27 Vet 1.11.39
26 T.Cummings Kirkcaldy&Dis 8.26 16.39 Vet 1.17.11
27 K.Aksnes Glasgow Wh 8.27 16.29 Sen
28 B.Byth DTCC 8.28 18.50 Vet 1.21.17
29 S.Mitchell Dundee Wh 8.29 16.38 Vet 1.21.17

30 G.Grant Forres Cc 8.30 16.58 Vet 1.17.45
31 L.Cowie Aberdeen Wh 8.31 14.39 Junior
33 I.Sinclair DTCC 8.33 14.50 Vet 1.11.39
34 F.Toms Nevis Cycles RT 8.34 14.16 Vet 1.20.41
35 S.Monaghan DTCC 8.35 6.51 Vet 1.06.00
36 B.Duncan Edinburgh R