Monday, May 23, 2022
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Jim Cusick – The New Scottish 100 Mile TT Champion


Cheers Ed! In pub at Evanton and had a few. Brought up touring bikes and off to Ullapool then Hebrides for a week. Reception poor but give it a try...”. That was Jim Cusick’s (Glasgow Couriers) reply to our congratulatory text message and interview request after he had just won his first 100 mile title on the familiar roads (if you’re involved in Scottish testing) around the Cromarty Firth.

VeloVeritas didn’t make it to the 100; ten days at le Tour; back for four days then off to Hawick on Saturday for a full shift at the road race champs — Cromarty would have been pushing Marlene’s angelic patience beyond the pale.

But the wonders of modern technology enable us to bring you Jim’s words; all the way from a colourful sounding pub in Evanton (maybe we should start doing our interviews in hostelries?)