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Chris Froome – Working Hard & Getting Results


At the start of the 2008 season we hadn’t heard of Chris Froome, but all of a sudden his name was everywhere — including le Tour.

We thought we’d better have a word with the man who has to go training at 5.00am to beat the Johannesburg traffic.

You seemed to appear from nowhere, Chris!

“Yes, it did feel that way — I don’t think that many people in their first year as a professional get the chances that I did.”

Chris Froome
Looking perfectly balanced on his Bianchi.

You’re in Johannesburg just now, but you still spend a bit of time in Kenya over the winter?

“I spend some time there yes, mainly over Xmas, it’s at high altitude and you can do good work on the mountain bike — but not the road bike because the surfaces are pretty bad.

“My father is in Johannesburg, where I am just now, but you have to go out training at 5.00am to beat the traffic; it takes about an hour to ride to quiet roads. You have to be careful, it’s not like Europe, the cars don’t respect you; they come straight at you.”