Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Copenhagen Six Day 2009 – Day 1


The crowd counts us down; the pistol cracks; I give Franco a hefty shove; ‘Cara Mia’ blasts from the PA and the Copenhagen 6 Dages Lob (Copenhagen Six Day 2009) is well and truly underway.

Two minutes ago I was wondering why I put myself through that nightmare journey from Portobello to Ballerup — the suburb of Copenhagen where the Super Arena and it’s pine velodrome live — two buses, a plane, another bus, a long train journey then waiting in the freezing cold of a Copenhagen night for my lift to the track.

But now I remember; the smell of the massage oil and cologne, the gleaming gems that are the bikes, the Europop, the hiss of the mechanics’ compressors, the thunder of expensive rubber on pine, the rattle of those one-eighth chains over the sprockets, a whiff of perfume as a glamorous spectator sashays past…

Then there’s the thrill of working with some of the fastest men on the planet — Michael Mørkøv, Alex Rasmussen and Jens-Erik Madsen rode four kilometres in 3-56 at the Beijing Olympics — and a feeling that’s harder to put into words, that of being in a little world all of it’s own where nothing matters except the race.