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Copenhagen Six Day 2009 – Day 2


Deeply profound Europop lyrics that start each day’s session here at the Copenhagen Six Day 2009, in just the right thought provoking vein — well, maybe you have to be here:

“Oh Copenhagen, Copenhagen south of Swee-den,
sweeter than the sweetest honey,sweeter than the sweetest wine,
in Copenhagen city too, you can make a dream come true!”

It’s a small world; Thursday night at dinner we were sitting beside the Argentinean rider, Sebastian Donadio, who’s a cool guy; he asked me where I was from, I told him; “Ahh! You must know Peter Jacques!”… 

Sebastian runs a cycling school back in Buenos Aires and has been riding a few ‘races to nowhere,’ this autumn, he’s a multi task master; as well as the work on the bike, he does a bit of chanting behind the Casio organ.