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Copenhagen Six Day 2009 – Day 3


VeloVeritas are in Copenhagen (south of Sweden) for day three of the Copenhagen Six Day 2009 and it’s time for the horror that is – the afternoon session.

The highlight of the afternoon was the break dancing competition, manfully judged by Messrs. Rasmussen and Donadio. It’s not well known, but break dancing has a long connection with cycling.

Some years ago, Viktor, Dave and I were at the Belgian elite road championships when we met the old QuickStep soigneur, waiting to feed his boys. We got to chatting and he explained to us that Frank Vandenbroucke was a renowned man around the boogie box in West Flanders.

Straight faced, I asked the old boy if Johan Museeuw was into it too, we thought he was going to drop with a seizure; ‘Nae, nae, nae!’ as if the very thought was sacrilege.

Politics; I asked you to remind me.

When we walked into the restaurant last night, at some time wearing-on for 02.00 am — Danny Stam was fulsome in his greetings; “Ah! Kris, how are you?

Danny usually looks at our little group as he would something unpleasant he’s picked up on his shoe.

I didn’t have to ponder the reason for his happy greeting for long; “I hear you have problems with your soigneur!” he chortled with no attempt to conceal his glee.

It’s true that there had been a little tiff in the cabin, but these things happen when it’s gone midnight and you are all working hard; it was soon sorted out.

However, in the closed little circle that is the Six Days, had Obama been exposed as an old drinking pal of George Bush’s, it would have been second story to our ‘problems.’

This morning, two of the mechanics were on me as soon as I