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Copenhagen Six Day 2009 – Day 4


I was second in the derny, behind Muller, and he’s very good — why don’t you test me?” says Michael Berling to the UCI guy who has to chaperone Michael Morkov to the doping controle at the Copenhagen Six Day 2009.

Franco pipes up; “Grasmann was last in the derny, that’s a suspicious result!

The UCI guy has heard it all before; “I just chaperone the rider, who gets tested is nothing to do with me.

We leave Michael to his fate and head for the restaurant; it’s nearly 02.00 am Sunday when we eat and close to 03.00 am when I get to bed.

What seems like five minutes later I’m organising the clothes, filling the bottles, tidying the cabins, polishing shoes and helmets . . .

Copenhagen Six Day 2009
Part of Ed’s daily chores – the washing.

Still, it’s Sunday and the programme finishes at six — deep joy.

The riders arrive just minutes before the race and there’s a scramble for clothing and bikes for the rolling presentation.

Alex shouts to me from the string, I look up as he saws at an imaginary steering wheel; they’re threatening to tow his lovely new Audi away because he’s badly parked — again.

Down to the cabin, find the key, back up, find the car, then a 15 minute hassle to find a parking