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Endura Racing Team Launch 2009


“Hi Ed, I’ve finally heard from Cycling Weekly — they want 300 words, but also if you want to do “Minute With” interviews with some of the riders, that’d be good also.” Time for a piece about the Endura Racing Team launch…

Jeez! Work from “The Comic” and a brief too — I’m so used to rolling up at races with a camera, pencil and notebook then just doing what I want, that I’d forgotten about that word count stuff.

Maybe if I make a good job, I’ll get to do Girvan again; they haven’t forgiven me for last year, when I forsook ‘Comm One’ at Girvan for a team car at Milan-San Remo.

Saturday 09.45, The Dynamic Earth Building – what an excellent venue for the occasion, and the first time I’d been in the place; it’s a wonderful setting, with Salisbury Crags and Miralles Associates’ stunning Scottish Parliament giving your eyes almost too much to take in.

Endura Racing Team
“Our Dynamic Earth” – the venue for the launch.

As Martin and I were coming in, the boys were heading out for the photo opportunities; first of all on the grassy mound in front of the building, then among the rock garden over on the right — all good stuff.

It was a bit grey and pretty blowy but the new Endura jerseys brightened the morning up just fine; personally I’d have kept more of the tartan, but I’m the boy that said that Mark Cavendish would never make a good pro.