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Gent-Gent & Kuurne Brussels Kuurne 2009 – Day 2


Saturday morning dawned bright and mild; this gives rise to mixed feelings – on the one hand you want a freezing, wet, death race, but on the other, it’s no fun standing in the cold and wet for hours. One thing is sure – sunshine would have been of no use to Viktor here at the Kuurne Brussels Kuurne!

I preferred the old start, down at the track – the current start at Sint Pietersplein is much more difficult to locate teams in and seems more chaotic.

Kuurne Brussels Kuurne
Ian Stannard looks relaxed before the start.

I was on duty, and managed ‘sound bites’ from Ian Stannard, Roger Hammond, Stuey O’Grady and Martin Maaskant. Stannard and Maaskant in particular, are very popular r