Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Gent-Gent & Kuurne Brussels Kuurne – Day 3


Another beautiful day; I like the drive to Kuurne Brussels Kuurne, if the weather is nice.

The fields, the canals, the rows of poplars, the old brick farm houses, counter posed by flat roof modernist houses.

The routine is well rehearsed at Kuurne – check the ‘B’ team car park at the sports centre, then up to the ‘A’ team car park at the start.

Kuurne Brussels Kuurne
This weekend is just the start of the classic season.

It never feels the same at Kuurne now, knowing that the late Flanders boss, Frans Assez won’t pop up – we miss you, Frans.

The smaller teams – and the French – are at the sports centre, the public mingle freely among the team vehicles and riders.

This is at the heart of Belgian cycle sport – except at the big Pro Tour races – the p