Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Rantings from Sanremo and a Visit to Masi Bikes


Time to talk about San Remo, Cavendish, Masi Bikes, and the Vigorelli velodrome.

“Sanremo al debutto Cannonball fenomeno” says today’s La Gazzetta Sportivo – that’s its Sunday name.

“Cannonball,” every rider must have a nickname for the continental press, I suppose.

If he keeps up his line of progression it’ll only be a short while before The Mail is calling him, “Cava.”

Masi Bikes
Cavendish has a new nickname. Photo©Ed Hood

My buddy, Davie texted me to say that when he was at the East Stirling game on Saturday, his pal, who was listening to the other scores on his radio e