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James Cambridge – One of Cycling’s Unsung Heroes


“Do you remember the James Cambridge boy we were talking to at that kermis in Sersekamp, four or five years ago?” says Viktor.

“Red Specialized, great tan, pro’s legs and a cool Craft undervest?” I reply.

“That’s him; he was top ten in the Rutland race, last weekend — he’d be a good boy to talk to.”

James Cambridge
James racing in

Why did you go to Belgium, James?

“I first went as a junior, on a Graham Baxter training camp.

“When I was there, I met Alan Peiper and he invited me to stay with him; then a family took me in.”

How many seasons?

“I was there for seven seasons, I stayed in Ninove, near where the Tour of Flanders finishes.

“I only came back to England once during the season in that time — I damaged my back and had to come home to get it sorted out.”

What was your best year?

“In 1998 I had six wins; five kermesses and an Inter Club, a hilly one at Flobecq.”

Was that Inter Club your best result?

“I’d say my best result was the same year, in a pro kermesse; which I could ride on my Belgia