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Giro d’Italia 2009 – Day 7: Stage 20, Napoli – Anagni


How is it that a country which spawned Campag, Ducati, Ferrari and Armani can’t get the plumbing to work?

Last night’s hotel had the electrical switch for the shower just a couple of inches from the shower head; the difference between being scalded and freezing was two microns on the control.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
Cheerio Napoli – we won’t be hurrying back. Photo©Ed Hood
Giro d'Italia Napoli
Dave gets interviewed by the Ozcycling boys. Photo©Ed Hood

The people are so friendly here in Naples; the boy in the toll booth last night gave us a row for not having the €1:60 ready – we should have known it was a pre-pay toll.

The roads are horrific, a lot of them are concrete, which has split and potholed – dire.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
This is the view from our luxury apartment! Photo©Ed Hood

And on top of all the that, the pen I bought yesterday doesn’t work – surprising that – and breakfast was grim.

We’ve just been through a tunnel, on our way to the start; Dave reckons that was the nicest part of Naples we’ve seen.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
Gianni Savio, media-friendly Diquigiovanni DS. Photo©Ed Hood

La Gazzetta never let’s us down, though; there’s a huge amount about yesterday’s stage; Carlos gets a 9 out of 10.

Today, we decided to “go people” – we interviewed about a dozen riders, managers and a certain Oleg Tinkov, before the start on the sea front in Naples.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
Oleg Tinkov calls the minders off Ed, then messes about for his camera. Photo©Ed Hood

I spotted Mr. Tinkov and shot across the road for a word, I was a few words into my introduction; “you probably won’t remember me but...” when two handsome, fit looking dudes appeared from nowhere; I noticed a little gesture from the Boss – two fingers onto one of the minder’s forearms; I was OK.

However, if I can give you a piece of advice, don’t mess with Mr. Tinkov!

Having said that, he was as charismatic as I remembered, chatty and good fun, clowning around for the camera.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
Ian Stannard. Photo©Ed Hood

Our ‘sound bites’ worked well and reminded us that pros are generally a pretty sound, approachable group of people.

Giro d'Italia Napoli
Edvald Boasson-Hagen is very quiet but still chatted away to us just fine. Photo©Ed Hood

As soon as we did the business, we were out of there – Naples is not a place that either of us would like to re-visit.