Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Dooleys Cycles at the Tour Nivernais Morvan – Day 2


After yesterday’s baptism of fire in 35 degrees heat, the Scots boys were more at home today in the Tour Nivernais Morvan; the temperature had fallen to 15 degrees and it was pouring with rain.

– Reported by Paul Coats –

Stage 3, Marzy St. Saulge – Clamency, 153km

Again it was very hilly today, with the finish the third time up a 2 km climb of 13% gradient.

This was a much better day, with the weather having cooled down, in fact it was raining at the start.

“A day for the Scottish” one of the French riders commented.

Alastair, Michael and I all finished in the same group as the winner, bit Michael and I were caught out by timing split.Yep, some plonker let the wheel go and that cost us 38 sec. – the lead group was in single file up the finishing hill straight and lined-out it was around 50 secs from first to last man. What a bummer!

Stuart and Graham finished in a small group well inside the time limit.

To be honest, we were hanging on all day, just praying for a group of 20 to go up the road and allow us some time to take in the sights but there was no chance of that, nothing was getting away and the only sights to be seen were when you were pumped out the back.