Saturday, June 25, 2022
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A Good La Vuelta a Espana?


Barring accidents or a dreadful time trial on Saturday it looks like Alejandro Valverde has stitched up his first Grand Tour (at last!). At the end of all of the big stage races we need to ask some questions and La Vuelta a Espana throws up some thought-provokers!

Was it a good Vuelta?

Yes, I think so. The start in Holland was a great success, personally I was wrong about the time trial on a closed circuit, it had a big crowd as did all the Dutch roads, and it was the same in Germany and Belgium.

Often correspondents watch La Vuelta on TV and they don’t see any spectators, then report that no one watches it and the Spanish people are not interested and the race is dying on its feet.

They couldn’t be further from the truth; there are large crowds on the mountains, in the villages and towns. The starts are overrun and trying to get near the finish is a battle, but th