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Grenoble Six Day 2009 – Day Five, Bar Clemenceau


Bar Clemenceau
Bar Clemenceau business was quiet today!

Bar Clemenceau was open again today, for our afternoon ‘snifter’ here at the Grenoble Six Day.

The bar tender must have had a heavy Sunday session, he was asleep at one of his own tables. I went for a Ricard today; it reminded me of the time John and I were in the Bar Britanique on Alpe d’Huez.

We drank so much pastis that we only just made it outside in time to catch Pantani on his way to the stage win – those were the days!

The other excitement today, was the news that Iljo Keisse ‘beat the wrap,’ avoided the gallows and can race on to finish Grenoble then get into top shape for his home Six at Gent.

I interviewed him, not long after the verdict came through – we knew he’d got a result because we could hear the cheers coming through from the Belgian cabin, next door.

As soon as the result hit the internet, folks were getting in touch.