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Het Nieuwsblad 2010 goes to Flecha


It was a difficult phone call to make, he picked up on the tone of my voice at once; ‘no, don’t tell me, please!

But it was best he heard it from me; ‘Flecha, he won it well, Viktor, sorry!

That’s it, I’m finished with Pro Cycling, for good!

Het Nieuwsblad
A worthy attention to detail, a marginal gain, a waste of money, or just cool?

Team SKY’s first classic win didn’t go down well with Vik – for that matter, it didn’t go down well with our fellow tele watchers in that bar near Brakel, either.

Het Nieuwsblad
Tom goes in as one of the favourites.
Het Nieuwsblad
We catch up with newly retired Bert Roessems on the Berendries.

And according to Cyclingnews, it’s the first time in the history of the event that a Belgian didn’t make the podium.

Best Belgian was AN Post’s indestructible ‘Rambo,’ Niko Eeckhout in seventh place; 39 years-old and leaving Boonen, Gilbert and Nuyens behind him.

Het Nieuwsblad
If a cop tells you to behave here, you do.

The headline in the Sunday’s Sport Wereld section of Het Nieuwsblad is “Voor Frank” – the Spaniard dedicated his win to Frank Vandenbroucke.

Het Nieuwsblad
For Frank, says JA.

Respect to Juan Antonio.

Flecha was born in Buenos Aires, last year’s winner, Hushovd was born in Arendal, Norway – the winners are getting further and further away form the Heartland.

It’s 07:20 in Gent, Sunday – outside, it looks like there’s a man playing a hose off the roof, it’s apocalyptic.

Het Nieuwsblad
Race radios or not, it’s good to know well in advance when the climbs are coming up.

There was talk yesterday that Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne might be cancelled today, due to high winds; there’s no sign of them yet – but there’s still plenty of time, the race doesn’t start ’til noon.

But I’m ahead of myself; the four degrees that greeted us at Charleroi on Friday afternoon felt positively mild.

Dave rattled the Peugeot 207 hire car up around the Brussels ring road and we were soon skeking the hardware at the Holiday Inn, Gent.