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Revolution 28 – Manchester


In a full programme of Revolution racing, Sir Chris Hoy showed he’s ready for the forthcoming World Championships and happy with his form by posting the fastest 200m time, and then beating Jason Kenny in the final of the sprint, but, as he told us, he “had to pull his ring out” to do so. The pair nearly took each other out with several no-nonsense switches, but as Chris said:

“There was a risk of us crashing there and ruining our World championship but once the whistle goes…

“You are aware of the implications but it’s racing and sprinters are a special breed of athlete.

“You have to commit 100%. If we’d crashed it would have been a ridiculous situation, but it’s good for people to know that the racing here isn’t for fun these days – it’s for real.”

Sir Chris at full gas.

Revolution Results

Men’s Sprint 200m Qualification

1 Chris Hoy 0:00:09.995
2 Jason Kenny 0:00:10.070
3 Matt Crampton 0:00:10.156
4 Ross Edgar 0:00:10.191
5 Robert Forstermann 0:00:10.231
6 Carsten Bergeman 0:00:10.233
7 David Daniell 0:00:10.247
8 Stefan Nimke 0:00:10.264
9 Rene Enders 0:00:10.360
10 Michael Siedenbacher 0:00:10.413
11 Pete Mitchell 0:00:10.435
12 Tobias Wachter 0:00:10.468
13 Craig Maclean 0:00:10.497
14 Teun Mulder 0:00:10.549
15 Roy Van Den Berg 0:00:10.561
16 Roberto Chiappa 0:00:10.817

Men’s Sprint Heat 1

1 Stefan Nimke
2 Rene Enders

Men’s Sprint Heat 2

1 Michael Siedenbacher
2 David Daniell

Men’s Sprint Heat 3

1 Pete Mitchell
2 Carsten Bergeman

Men’s Sprint Heat 4

1 Tobias Wachter
2 Robert Forsterman

Men’s Sprint Heat 5

1 Ross Edgar
2 Craig Maclean

Men’s Sprint Heat 6

1 Matt Crampton
2 Teun Mulder

Men’s Sprint Heat 7

1 Jason Kenny
2 Roy Van Den Berg

Men’s Sprint Heat 8

1 Chris Hoy
2 Roberto Chiappa

Men’s Sprint 1/4 final Heat 1

1 Ross Edgar
2 Tobias Wachter

Men’s Sprint 1/4 final Heat 2

1 Matt Crampton
2 Peter Mitchell

Men’s Sprint 1/4 final Heat 3

1 Jason Kenny
2 Michael Siedenbacher

Men’s Sprint 1/4 final Heat 4

1 Chris Hoy
2 Stefan Nimke

Losers’ six lap dash

1 Rene Enders
2 Robert Forsterman
3 Teun Mulder
4 Roy Van Den Berg
5 Peter Mitchell
6 David Daniell
7 Carsten Bergeman

Men’s sprint semifinal Heat 1

1 Jason Kenny
2 Matt Crampton

Men’s sprint semifinal Heat 2

1 Chris Hoy
2 Ross Edgar

Men’s sprint final

1 Chris Hoy
2 Jason Kenny

Women’s Sprint 200m Qualification

1 Victoria Pendleton 0:00:11.163
2 Willy Kanis 0:00:11.263
3 Kristina Vogel 0:00:11.508
4 Jess Varnish 0:00:11.534
5 Becky James 0:00:11.557
6 Yvonne Hijgenaar 0:00:11.662
7 Miriam Welte 0:00:11.693
8 Christine Muche 0:00:11.848

Women’s Sprint Heat 1

1 Jess Varnish
2 Becky James

Women’s Sprint Heat 2

1 Kristina Vogel
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar

Women’s Sprint Heat 3

1 Willy Kanis
2 Miriam Welte

Women’s Sprint Heat 4

1 Victoria Pendleton
2 Christine Muche

Women’s Sprint Minor Final

1 Becky James
2 Christine Muche
3 Yvonne Hijgenaar
4 Miriam Welte

Women’s Sprint Semifinal Heat 1

1 Willy Kanis
2 Kristina Vogel

Women’s Sprint Semifinal Heat 2

1 Victoria Pendleton
2 Jess Varnish
Women’s Sprint Final
1 Victoria Pendleton
2 Willy Kanis

DHL Future Stars Madison – Boys

1 Sam Lowe/ Alistair Slater 15 pts
2 Robbie Westwood / Matt Cross 8
3 Oliver Rossi / Tom Gallagher 8
4 Jordan Hargreaves / Rob Lampton 4

DHL Future Stars Madison – Girls

1 Hannah Barnes and Lucy Garner 12 pts
2 Amy Roberts and Amy Hill 8
3 Jess Anderson and Melissa Bury 6

Cycling Weekly Devil Scratch Race

1 Andy Tennant TEM
2 Franco Marvulli ROL
3 Ed Clancy TEM
4 Chris Newton ROL
5 Luke Rowe SLI
6 Jon Mould TEM
7 Tom Murray VIT

Future Stars Girls 6 Lap Dash

1 Hannah Barnes FOR
2 Amy Roberts SLI
3 Eleanor Barker SLI
4 Emily Kay DYN
5 Harriot Owen FOR

Team Sprint – Women Qualification

1 GB (Pendleton/Varnish) 0:00:33.719
2 Mixed (C Muche/B James) 0:00:35.323
1 Germany (M Welte/K Vogel) 0:00:34.012
2 Holland (W Kanis/Y Hijgenaar) 0:00:34.437

Team Sprint – Women Final

1 GB (Pendleton/Varnish) 0:00:33.863
2 Ger (Welte/Vogel) 0:00:34.332
3 Holland (Kanis/Hijgenaar) 0:00:34.621
4 Mixed (James/Muche) 0:00:35.218

Team Sprint Qualifying

1 GB1 (Hoy/Kenny/Crampton) 0:00:43.919
2 GER1 (Bergeman/Forsterman/Siedenbacher) 0:00:44.282
3 GER2 (Nimke/Enders/Wachter) 0:00:44.521
4 GB2 (Mitchell/Daniell/Edgar) 0:00:44.828
5 World (Mulder/Van Den Berg/Maclean) 0:00:45.647

Team Sprint Final

1 GB (Hoy/Kenny/Crampton) 0:00:43.793
2 GER (Bergeman/Forsterman/Siedenbacher) 0:00:43.997
3 GER 2 (Nimke/Enders/Wachter) 0:00:44.601
4 GB 2 (Mitchell/Daniell/Edgar) 0:00:44.729

Future Stars Boys Scratch 5km

1 Owain Doull SLI
2 Alistair Slater PAC
3 Jordan Hargreaves ROL
4 Sam Lowe PAC
5 Rob Lampton DYN
6 Jack Penrice VIT

1km Madison Time Trial

1 Luke Rowe/Craig Maclean SLI 0:00:56.269
2 Ed Clancy/Andy Tennant TEM 0:00:56.351
3 Chris Newton/Franco Marvulli ROL 0:00:58.372
4 Andy Fenn/Andrew Magnier DYN 0:00:58.751
5 George Atkins/Steven Burke PAC 0:00:59.481
6 Rob Hayles/Erick Rowsell FOR 0:01:00.146
7 Tom Murray/Pete Williams VIT 0:01:01.385
8 Dean Downing/Mark Christian FLY 0:01:01.800

Future Stars Girls Elimination

1 Emily Kay DYN
2 Harriot Owen FOR
3 Hannah Layland VIT
4 Lisa Daly FLY

Men’s Points 15km

1 Erick Rowsell 22 pts
2 Andy Magnier 19
3 Dean Downing 18
4 Steven Burke 16
5 Franco Marvulli 15
6 Tom Murray 14

Women’s Keirin

1 Kristina Vogel
2 Becky James
3 Miriam Welte
4 Jess Varnish
5 Yvonne Hijgenaar
6 Christine Muche

Men’s Keirin Round 1

1 Matt Crampton
2 Michael Siedenbacher
3 Peter Mitchell
4 Craig Maclean

Men’s Keirin Round 2

1 David Daneill
2 Rene Enders
3 Teun Mulder
4 Tobias Wachter
5 Stefan Nimke
6 Roberto Chiappa

Men’s Keirin Final

1 Matt Crampton
2 Rene Enders
3 Peter Mitchell
4 Michael Siedenbacher
5 Dave Daniell
6 Teun Mulder

Future Stars Boys 6 Lap Dash

1 Owain Doull
2 Rob Lampton
3 Josh Papworth
4 Jordan Hargreaves
5 Sam Lowe
6 John Paul

Future Stars Girls Scratch

1 Hannah Barnes FOR
2 Melissa Bury VIT
3 Harriot Owen FOR
4 Amy Hill SLI

Future Stars Elimination Boys

1 Jordan Hagreaves
2 Owain Doull
3 Jake Ragen
4 Rob Lampton

Men’s Scratch 10km

1 Steven Burke
2 Ed Clancy
3 Chris Newton
4 Luke Rowe

Photo: :© Rick Robson

Martin Williamson
Martin is our Editor, Web site Designer and Manager, and concentrates on photography. He's been involved in cycling for over 42 years and has raced for many of them, having a varied career which includes time trials, road and track racing, and triathlons. Martin has been the Scottish 25 Mile TT and 100 Mile TT Champion, the British Points Race League Champion on the track, and was a prolific winner of time trials in his day, particularly hilly ones like the Tour de Trossachs and the Meldons MTT.

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