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Evan Oliphant – “We took more out of Murcia than Team Sky”


Our man in the peloton – Endura’s Evan Oliphant – took us through the rigours of The Med and Haut Var.

Murcia may have been no cake walk but it had a happy ending for Endura – taking the sprints jersey and numerous top ten finishes.

Evan Oliphant
Evan, no time to shave at Murcia.

Here’s what Wick’s finest had to say…

You hit the ground running at Murcia, Evan.

“We were in the first break on the first day; Alex Blain was going for the mountains jersey but in the end he took the sprints jersey – which we defended, right through.”

Is it fair to say that Murcia was more controlled?

“The weather was much better so everyone wasn’t wanting to smash it so much to get it over and done with!

“Once the break of the day went we would cruise for an hour, that just never happened at The Med or Haut Var, it was flat out, all the time.”

Better weather, then?

“Every day was dry except the last one, I wore shorts every day – I had leg warmers on every day in France.”

Evan Oliphant
Alex defended the Meta Volante jersey from day one ’til the finish.

How do the Murcia parcours compare to France?

“It’s pretty lumpy, the climbs aren’t as steep but they’re long but on the first day maybe the pace wasn’t as fierce.

“The second day they smashed it on the climbs though – Jack Bauer made the front group, that day.”

Evan Oliphant
Rob Partridge and Ian Wilkinson warm up for the TT.

Wilkinson was going well.

“Yeah, three top tens.

“On the last day, the plan – as well as defending Alex’s sprint jersey – was for us to look after Ian in the finale and see if we could get him top three.

“It was a wide, fast run-in, but Sky went early and were swamped which upset our plans – in the sprints it’s all down to timing, just going at the right moment.”

Evan Oliphant
Jack shows the effort, after a blinding time trial in a borrowed skinsuit.

Jack rode a sound TT.

“Considering he’d never been on a time trial bike until the night before.

“I was out with him to test it the night before and he was blasting along on the flat at 60 kph!

“I was looking forward to riding mine but we didn’t have one with us to fit me because of the changes we made to the race line ups.

“They have integrated seat posts so you have to have be the correct size.

“Jack had to wear Ross Creber‘s skinsuit because he only had his New Zealand champion’s one with him – Ross’s was way too small for him but it added to his aero-ness. Ross reckons that’s the fastest his skinsuit will ever travel!

“I’ve trained on my TT bike, it’s really nice but I think I’d better with small rather than medium.

“The skinsuits are nice, similar to last year but with the Equipe inserts.”

Evan Oliphant
Jack catches his minute-man, Oscar Pujol of Cervélo Test Team.

Were Columbia impressive in defence of Rabon?

“At the start of the last stage, Vacansoleil were trying to wrest the sprint jersey from us, but we had two or three marking their danger man.

“Eventually we got Alex in the break, so the pressure was off.

“Columbia collaborated with us when the break went, but they couldn’t let it go too far because there was a guy in there at only two minutes down.

“Rabobank were chasing for Graeme Brown and the break came back, but Alex attacked again before the sprint and took it.

“It was good to be working with Columbia – it shows we have a bit of respect there.”


“He didn’t do much, his team always rides in front of him – I think he was just there for the training kilometres.

“Ross was the youngest rider in the race so one day they had him on The Shack bus for a spot with Lance on ‘Planet Armstrong’ which is on Eurosport.” [Have a look at Ross on film