Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Podium Number 1 of the season and a chance meeting with Kurt Asle Arvesen!


I met Kurt Asle Arvesen, but first… on the 28th March my Asfra Racing Team (and support club) headed to Montreuil sur Mer in France.

The race had the mixed characteristics of a race in France, a Belgium kermesse and almost like a criterium in the UK. 23 laps of a 3.8km circuit was the order for the day.

A fast, twisty decent, followed by a flattish section, then a longish climb back up to the town, topping off with half a km cobbled section before a short section of tarmac leading to the finish line. Although a relatively short, criterium type race, the nature of the course meant that this was going to break up and it did so early.

A team mate of mine kicked things off and once brought back I countered on the first time up the climb and with it set myself up for the King of the Mountains competition. A lap or two of attacks and soon a break was established.

Although throughout the race the break swelled on occasions to 6 or so riders, the vast majority of the time it was myself and two other riders ploughing away at the front. The problem I had was that whenever we were joined by others it tended to be teammates of these two riders and so I found myself outnumbered and so I had to cover everything and attack further to even it up. This included attacking to get clear of the very strong Ludovic Capelle (ex Belgium professional national champion) who I knew I had to try and get away from and who’s respect I earned in doing so.

The break worked well, however at times there was disorganisation. T