Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Tour Down Under – a little late starting, but it IS a start!


A quick recap on 2010 to date — Had the BIG Engagement party in early Jan (and thanks to all who came along — it was gratifying seeing so many of Mands and my family and friends there, many from a long way away). And then it was straight to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under.

Allrighty. So I have been meaning to keep people in touch with what’s been going on, and have heard about this “blogging” thing ever since about 2004. I’m now getting it together. I’ll start with some stuff that I wrote, but never sent. But it IS a start.

Things will catch up to the now quickly enough. But I feel for posterity’s sake (like posterity is an entity in and of itself, and if it were, would give a hoot as to what I did or didn’t do. Hubris. Pure hubris!) I should send the stuff from the earlier part of the year.

So here is episode one…